Lower Avariy PvP Creature Usage

Below is my last 10 matches in lower Avairy. As for variety of use, there were 42 different creatures used on the 10 teams. Players should run into a decent variety of creatures in this range.

The most used are in this order:

  1. Thoradosaurus
  2. Scorpius Rex Gen 3
  3. Indominus Rex
  4. Indoraptor
  5. Compsocalus
  6. Indotaurus
  7. Testacornibus
  8. Erlidominus


You can use statistics like this to decide what to grow and put on your teams if your trying to rise in the arenas. You can make teams out of the top 10 used if you have them or at least the more used ones. For the most part, players put creatures on their teams that tend to do well.


A Miragaia!!??

Yeah I face em all the time

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I concur re high level max boosted thors, lots of similar indos (leg & uni). Surprised at the lack of heavily boosted metros and magnas though, every team i face seems to have at least one, often both.