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Lower fuses when using recently received DNA?

I’m not stating this as fact, it’s just something myself and some others within my alliance have noticed, so I’m seeking input if others have noticed this as well:
Do you experience lower fuses when you are using DNA from a creature that you just received (specifically from alliance donations).
I’ve been noticing it for a while but this really drove me to the point of seeing if this is a wider ranging phenomenon.
I’ve requested Kaprosuchus DNA the last 3 days from the amazing people in Sand Dunes, and each time it has given me enough to do 3 fuses on my Spinotahsuchus. All 9 of those fuses have been 10s when fusing immediately after collecting the DNA.

from alliance donations? no. at least not for me. im also in SDs :heart:
been requesting dimetrodon for 1-2 weeks and have gotten many 40s, 50s even an 80 on posti and tryox.

now when they have an event, 100%. there’s a kentro/anky event, you’re getting all 10s on tryk :joy: :sob:
or the sino event recently, nearly every utarinex fuse was a 10.

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i tried to show you my tricks and both you guys said… “i just press button” :joy:

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I would love to know if there is an actual system to the fusions. I just did a rare to 20 and there were LOTS of 50’s-90’s. did a bunch of spinos and all 10’s except for one 20.

My guess is the rarer the Dino, the less percentage of higher fusion


90% of times I got 10. It’s so frustrating :frowning:

I tend to think it’s more about the rarer the Dino the worse the fusion. My Stegodeus and Tragodistis get an average of 25ish my Alankylosaurus (when I was optimistic enough to fuse it) must have averaged 35. My Spinotasuchus however is averaging 11 atm. These are all legendaries though. Maybe the game knows how bad you want it and trolls accordingly.
I always get 10s up until the final fuse (where I just need 10) and always get a big fuse. It always feels like they are encouraging me to go for the next level, like “you’ve already started now you may as well keep going”.

I got a 60 on Indor immediately after collecting the raptor DNA I got from the alliance and was able to actually level it up. 🤷

I got 70 last night, exactly what I needed to create Tentorex, and then upon collection today I got an 80. I’ve had great luck and strungs of 10s. Guess it just depends.

ya’ll are hilarious that think they actually programmed tricks into this game. “lets make it so they always get a 40 if they fuse right when IREX farts” :joy:


Good luck when it’s a SBD, and she’s cloaked!

I think it is all random the higher the tier dino the lesser chance of getting big fuses also diffrence in chances from fusing to create to fusing to level up

ill have to try that trick out too… he usually squints his eyes when he farts right?? lol

this is incorrect. rarity or tier i dont think plays a part. neither does creation. i got a 100 fuse to finally create my Thor. Tuo faught me the whole way with 10s… rinex i got back to back 50s.

Just something i have experianced only unlocking indo with mostly 10s and a 80 right at the end but allosino took me 4 fuses to create. My dilorach has had 3 fuses and got 40 and 2 10s