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Lower level team tips

I’m currently level 11 and struggling a bit with my team atm. As of right now, I rely heavily on speedsters (hence me holding on to Blue for so long) and losing ProRat really throws off my dynamic. Anyone have tips?

I don’t have any legendaries yet, and I would’ve considered Edmontoguanodon because I need level 17+ stunners for campaign, but Eddie just had all of its stunning attacks removed.

Current team:

Next highest dinos by default:

I’ve got more epic hybrids after that, but spawn and fusion luck dictates I’m nowhere near any legendaries just yet.

I’m running into the same problems especially since Prorat and Indominus gen 2 got nerfed. No legendaries or uniques either. Eddie is still pretty good so I have heard.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve had decent luck with Eddie against the boss, still lost but held out longer than everyone else (incl. legendaries) at level 13. It makes a great healer, but I don’t know how only having healing will be much help during normal battles. Still have to find a replacement stunner.

Go for dracoceratops so you can keep doing campain and usable along with having a hybrid. Its you closest stunner to 17 along with your closest legendary fuser beside indom. You could also go for allosino which a chomping, stunner. I still use it. I’m going to replace it with thor later tho.