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Lower Level Thor faster than mine?

Just had a fight in the arena where the opponents Lvl28 Thor was faster than mine on Lvl 30. Both of us had non Speedboosts applied and mine wasn’t slowed.
As far as I know if speed ties with two dinos of the same rarity, then the higher level should go first, which didn’t happend in my case.
Anyone an explanation for this?

no pictures then you are mistaken.

unfortunately no pictures, i just was in disbelief when i realized what just happened.

But eventually, if anyone from the “TeamBFF” Alliance reads this, or anyone knows somebody over there, please contact me via PN pls.

It was most likely a visual error where they had something applied to speed but it did not show properly.

Maybe ludias getting ready to release stealth boosts… ever want your dino to appear slow but really be fast.


if they cant see the boosts then they cant complain about them right? problem solved


Yeah, probably a visual Glitch. Don’t know. That’s why I am looking for someone from that alliance to get in touch with the player I faced in the arena, just to ask him if he has boosts applied in speed or not, though…

Was just wondering how this was even possible :smiley:

Lol stealth boosts.

I’m still half expecting them to sell stats boosts for the stat boosts.
Ever wanted to make your boosts more powerful?


When it comes to levels rarity doesnt play a part until last. Speed first. Then levels. Then rarity. Then speed tie. Unless something has changed. So regardless of rarity or anything if you were higher level they had to have a faster speed than you. Am I mistaken?

no you are not. that is what i am wondering. Because I am pretty sure his thor with lvl28 had the same speed (109 as basic) as mine. And as my Thor was lvl 30 I guess it would’ve been my turn to strike first.
So i guess, there are 2 options: First is it was a visual glitch that they had a speed boost applied, which wasn’t shown on my end, or my eyes have tricked me…

I have found that the speed indicators are still broken. Sometimes they disappear and sometimes they are wrong (always a pleasant surprise). I think what you’re saying it, however, that it was not a speed indicator issue - but that you were both non-boosted and his lower level was faster?

Maybe your opponent played Stego and she/Stego was killed after she slowed your dino down for two turns.