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Lower scent prices

I love the epic scent capsules, but I would never buy them. A epic scent costs the equivalent of 11 euro’s. So for 2 hours of fun I would have to invest 66 euro’s. That’s the same price as a new Xbox or Playstation game! Normally they give me way more fun then just 2 hours. BTW, my last 2 epic scents just gave me 3 epics in total.

Would the price be lower, say 2-3 euro’s I would buy several of them every week.


I agree …the epic scent is way over priced for the rewards it gives …if they halved it to 500 they would get more people buying them and keep the player base as players would get more enjoyment out of the game and a sense of progression as they level up their epics and start creating legendaries and uniques.


Everything in this game is overpriced. There is a fine line between ensuring profit versus making things too easy but it could all do with a major price decrease.


I agree with this as well. If they would increase the minimum guaranteed epics or cut the price in half more ppl would buy this. And why haven’t we received any scent bundle deals?


Epic scents suck since they halved the amount of Dino’s they spawn! The rare ones are better! I tested huge amount of epic ones, they only draw out useless epics most of the time. I’m in l2 and I will use at night for ourano get like 1 ourano in 3 epic scents but like 5-8 secodontosaurus! :angry: what a waste of cash! I only use epic scents if ludia rewards them from spin or strike since that testing! When they used to give a spawn per min they where worth the asking price but then like everything Nerf bat hit them and they also made them draw useless DNA more than useful at same time. I have actually drawn pyros and ouranos in my local from common and rare scents, while not guaranteed to draw epic the way lower price on these makes them serviceable!

Corporate Greed Disagrees…

I haven’t paid for any of the scent capsules… and won’t until the price drops significantly…

ludia you need to lower the prices seriously. Stop being greedy with money

I never buy 'em, only use them if I’ve earned them. I’d never spend ANY real-world money on this casual game… just save the the Hard-Cash earned in-game to purchase scents. As it was said earlier Rare scents are actually much better than Epic scents, as occasionally Epics do spawn with rare scents anyway.

i mean it can be worth it. 5 epic scents are definitley better than an epic incubator.
i wish they’d cut the time they last. just pick everything you’re gonna spawn and throw it out there at the start.
main reason i don’t usually get them is i don’t want to stare at my phone for 20 minutes waiting for stuff to spawn.

They epic scent was a lot better with 1.5 coz more epic spawned and with 1.6 they failed with everything in this game

I’m all for lowering the prices on epic scents, but consider this -

Five epic scents costs the same as one epic incubator. One epic incubator (at max player level) gives you 397 Epic DNA, 662 Rare DNA, and most likely 6493 common DNA.

If I get the minimum Epic spawns (1) and dart a modest 150 DNA on that one epic each time, I end up with 750 Epic DNA, and 13,500 (again assuming 150 per darting session) extra dna that could be common or rare.

So while the epic scents aren’t a deal compared to a playstation game, they’re one helluva deal compared to epic incubators. :slight_smile:

That’s at least a giant step in the right direction.

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I think you mean 1.4 and 1.5 because 1.6 hasn’t been released. To my knowledge, spawn rates were not changed in the code. In fact, right now Epic scents on average spawn one more epic per two scents than normal based on the fact that Sinoceratops has been added to the global spawn table.

I remember getting 5 epics in one scent when epic scents came out. I also remember trying two more and getting the minimum 1 epic on two consecutive. You’ve got a 30% chance of spawning an epic with every spawn you roll. That’s not bad odds and accounts for the variation we see.

Ya I meant 1.4 and 1.5

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1.5 is just a big fail!

Wait for my next topic about the incubator price :wink:

Problem with both the incubator and the scent is that there is hardly no guarantee about what you receive. It’s to much of a gamble.

Yeah, everything in this game is overpriced, there were many topics about it, but it’s absolutely useless. Ludia is still deaf and greedy and they won’t listen to us anyway.

Too bad they have 0 reason to do this since plenty of people still buy them. :woman_shrugging:

Id argue that being all the way down to 196 on the play stores top grossing list should be plenty of motivation for them to revamp them. 4 months ago they were listed in the 120-140.

Their revenue has most certainly decreased.

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Remove scents and replace with something engaging for more than once every 2 minutes. Maybe Chocobo races.