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Lower the Defensive Training Quota for Daily Missions

I think until the arena is fully fixed and balanced, I feel it would be a great idea to lower the number from 12 to maybe 6 or 5 for the Daily Mission quota. I see it as why should the players be subjugated to being forced to play in the arena 12 times for a Daily Mission with such horrid and very biased mechanics.


Yes, friendly battles should work at least.

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Why the need to complain. I get 12 battles every other day so save strike towers for those days. Today I had 11 of my 12 from towers by saving them all plus tactical losses.

Play smart and make your gameplay easier :grin:

I am not complaining I am addressing the elephant in the room, which in this case is the unbalanced mechanics of the arena and forced subjugation in the matter. I am saying that until they fix their arena, we should not be made to do 12 battles and that it should be a lesser number.

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I think it should be less because sometimes when I get off work I have like 20 minutes to do 12 battles and it isn’t cool. But I have learned to save towers etc… Just sometimes it’s not cool when you’re pressured.

At the point where I don’t care if I lose or win I need the battle to get my daily.

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