Lowering level to first arena


Many people was talking about the players who loses arena-battles on purpose.
Well, we can think about some ways to stop that.
I try some ideas

  • show the players wins x loses history
    Ppl just dont want to show some bad historys.

  • enable the player choose the dino, but between some randomly choices . Every time a incubator haches, the game shows 3 dinos to player choose one. Its always a good idea make the player have to decide things

  • give some goods rewards at the hight level arenas


Given that when you first play you soon sprint through first few arenas, as your dinos keep improving in level quickly, without really being aware of how useful the DNA in those arenas is (unless you have done some research on the game, but lots of players will just be trying it with no research). I can see why people would want to drop down (I could definitely use some of the early level DNA) - game could do with a tutorial exposing how it can be beneficial to stay in low level arenas for a while)


I’m fine with random chance dna after playing games with the gatcha mechanic, and I highly agree with better rewards the higher the climb (though you can still get Rex dna as you climb). But for me, it’s just an issue of not being strong enough and needing to collect more dna and coins in the meantime.