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Lowering the Cost of Diamonds

Okay so when you play an app like Choices for example, a say 20 diamond scene (cost of 20 diamonds is $1.99) basically features a full sex descriptive sex scene. On here, it’s like 39-69 diamonds just to kiss somebody. It’s absoluelly overpriced and you guys would make more money actually by lowering your costs for premium scenes in terms of diamonds because more people would be more obligated to spend more consistently when they’re actually affordable. Let’s be honest. The current cost of diamonds for almost any premium scene on here is ridiculous it needs to change.

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The only way is to build them up if you become a member because you can get 8 a day for free. Then whatever you earn in a chapter is extra… takes a while though

The cost of diamonds in this game are WAY out of balance. It cost $5 for enough diamonds to make one BASIC decision. At 5 choices per chapter and 15 chapters that’s crazy amounts of money for book. And it’s absurd to talk about earning enough. Even if you get the VIP ($5/month) they you only earn 4 diamonds for every few choices. So I’m spending 120 and earning 4. That’s a HUGE deficit.

This game could be amazing. LOWER THE COST OF DIAMONDS. Either to be able to buy more or spend less or earn more.

Definitely should lower the cost of diamonds or at least lower the amount needed to unlock a specific scene or clothes. These are way to over priced. It’s hard to enjoy a game when you can’t make the choices you want!!

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Yeah sorry. You used to be able to claim 8 diamonds a day for premium (4 for non-paying members) just for logging in everyday but they removed it!!!