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Loyalty bonus not working

Event and 10k pack did not give me 2x. Anyone else?

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Same for me. Bought a 10k VIP pack and got only the normal reward.

Hey @Tommi and @blazerguy, could you reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can assist you with this?



This happened to me as well. Pretty disappointed.

I emailed the support team.

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Did it, let’s see what happens.


Emailed as well. Should we get an email response and then hopefully receive the loyalty points we didn’t get?

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Hello everyone,
I have spoken to the team and the 2x Loyalty Points (4x Loyalty Points for VIPs) only applies to purchases made without using in-game currency.
Apologies for the confusion.

There has been at least 2 other times it was not like this. Can you confirm if 2x loyalty points for in game currency will ever happen again?


Yeah, that’s pretty lame to change the way it works. Guess I won’t bother saving up my LPs again.


Agreed, I had over 50k saved. Non vip

Agreed. I save up my LPs and I use them so sparingly. This was very deceiving.

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I normally get 2x for 10,000 packs as VIP. Has that changed?

No it has not, they are running a special on packs purchased with real cash that get double VIP points, and 4 x for VIP members.