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Loyalty pack question

Hey there, will I be able to purchase a VIP creature with dna if I bought a 20,000 pack because I bought the Apatosaurus pack today but it did not get unlocked in the market.


Unfortuantely no, VIP packs don’t unlock creatures. VIP Creatures cannot be bought with DNA.


Oh… that’s sad, I thought I can buy them through dna. But it’s okay anyways I am happy that I got Apato in my park


Here’s another question
So I just have 2000 loyalty points so should I spend it on of those packs with the buildings so I can get the resources or should I save till the solid gold? I have many a times spent my 2000 loyalty points on this so what to do?

Never spend your LPs on building packs, only on 10K VIP solid gold packs.


I spend it on the decorations to make my park pretty :heart_eyes:

Buy the 10,000 solid gold ones once you are ready for dominator you can later think on investing them on buildings to beautify your park.

Why not buy the 20k vip dinosaur pack? you get to choose which dino, and in addition it gives you 5 times as many resources for only twice the price

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Your eventually going to want all types of VIPs and for 20K, you can get two of them instead of one. So at the beginning, I would only get 10K packs. Then once you have plenty, you can be picky about which ones you want, but even then I would just trade 11K for them in the TH (if you’re VIP player). If you’re not VIP, then yes I would get the 20K packs once I had plenty of all of them and I just wanted more of a certain one.


^ this

I’m non VIP and like everyone when I started out I wanted jurassics and more jurassics. Now that I am further along and have a little bit of all of the non exclusive VIP creatures I want more reef turtles and more cave puppies. However at the same time one VIP is just as good as another to me for now so I only buy 10k packs and will continue for quite some time.

Only after I have enough of most of them for 2 level 30’s will I consider getting picky and consider paying 20k for a particular one.

Just my 2 cents.