Loyalty points, no membership, new to the game

Im kinda new to the game, not that new, but
I steel have a lot of questions.
The one thing that im most interested in is can I buy and use vip creatures from solid gold pack 10000. About a week ago, I accidentally bought 2000 points pack and I got a building that I can use. Now I have about 7900 points and Im wondering if I should buy a solid gold pack and is it worth it

Could you please tell us your level ? VIP creatures are usually very helpful for newer players’ line-ups . I think that it worths to buy a solid gold pack .


Please dontblaugh at me, but im already level 29 and have no legendaries. I played back in 2016 but i stopped because my phone broke and later i didnt really care about the game. Thats why i said im kinda new, everything is difrent now
And also thank ypu for replying.

  1. Yes you can buy and use them.
  2. VIPs are always worth it.

Thank you!
I didnt think people would reply at all

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Also i like your profile pic, i really love deep purple XD


I like you already.
I’m on a concert this summer, might be my 10th or so and I’m still excited.:guitar:


OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON THEIR CONCERT. But I always wanted to hear child in time in person

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By the way i really like rock music.

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Thats t reason i play bass

These times are long over.
The last time I heard ‘Child in time’ from DP was 1994 on their final tour with Ritchie.
Ritchie gave two Rainbow reunion concerts 2016 in Germany where he played it too. It wasn’t as good as in the old times but still breathtaking.

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My father went to the concert, but they didnt play child in time due to the surgery

My music taste is stuck in the early 70s. Best music ever (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Rush…).


I wanted to say Led Zeppelin when we started this conversation. One of my all time favorites is the emigration song I like it so frikin much

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Laugh at you ? It is like saying that an elder will mock to a child because it hasn’t so much experience. We all have passed from your current level . We all are happy to help new people that learn how to enjoy our favourite game !


To add to OP’s topic about the Loyalty packs and which to open, I have a question of my own as well - just didn’t think opening another topic was necessary.

I’ve been playing for 3 weeks myself, I bought 1 of the Solid gold pack for a random VIP for 10K last week. Was just wondering, the 20K pack gives you a VIP that you want/need, is that correct?

And what about the 50K pack? I noticed that Pterodaustro is not in the 10K pack. Compared to Eudimorphodon, Pterdaustro has about 50% more ATK but about 2K less health. So, why would I want to spend 50K for Pterdaustro?

Thank you!

Well, i will never finish a tournament in a high league, i always finish in hunter, but i will try other things. Btw today i got about 650 point from the tournament, i cant poat this so ill just edit other massage

After a year or so you will have lvl 40 versions of all dinos that are available in 10k packages. After two years you will have at least 2 or 3 of them.
If you are a collector type the day will come when you want all of them and then you start to buy 50k packages although the dinos in those packages are not stronger than normal VIPs.
Furthermore 50k packages give you a (small) chance to get 4500 dinobucks.


Winning events with legendary packages as reward, in general you get loyalty points for each card package.
Finish a tournament in a high league.
Selling the most expensive decorations for loyalty points in custom trades.
Selling coins, food and DNA in trade offers for loyalty points, if you can afford it.