Loyalty points, no membership, new to the game


Thank you!

I did get a Stygimoloch pack when I checked the game this morning. It was from those 100 Loyalty ticket with a 1% chance.

Also @Tommi , for new players - should they try to make Lv40 VIP dinos or do you think 4x Lv20 VIP dino would be more efficient for events, tournaments etc

Sometimes I find myself doing the events with strongest dinos and then it takes almost the whole event time of 24 hours to complete some events. Like “Club Tails” with the herbivores x3.

For all players new and old, a deep bench is always better than having one or two high creatures. I will take 4 lvl 20 VIP’s over one level 40 depending on where you are in your progression.


Lvl 20s are a better choice for a very long time.
There are some very experienced players, like @Mary_Jo, who did not make any lvl 40s by now…please correct me if I’m wrong @Mary_Jo.
Most important for new players is to understand what ferocity is and how the AI acts against you in PvEs.
You will find a lot of information on this in our forum.


I do not have any level 40 VIP’s myself, lots of 20’s and 30’s. Fast cooldown times and being competitive in tournaments at dominator when only at level 20 make these awesome critters.


Yes, I am a VIP member. It’s probably how I am doing alright in the tournaments :slight_smile:

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That’s correct. It depends on what you want out of the game. I wanted tournament and daily PvE’s to be easy and not require having to play the game at certain times, and so a deep bench was much more important to me than leveling up quickly. So close to a year of daily play and being a VIP member, and only recently are my VIPs getting close to being lvl 30’s (even after I evolved them up to lvl 21, I slowly progress them as I add other hybrids of the same ferocity).

The 10K VIP packs are absolutely the best deal in the game especially for new players. I never used my points for anything else for at least the first 6 months. Only recently do I take trades of LPs for things like DBs and I still have yet to ever buy either a 20K or 50K pack. I wait for trade harbor offers now for the 10K dinos I particularly am wanting to get (only 11K instead of 20K, not counting what you don’t get for it not being a pack), but 50K dinos I acquire only through lottery prizes and VIP exclusive events. They are more for collectors than to improve game play. Eventually I’ll be willing to pay for 50K creatures, but only once I’ve evolved everything to the point that I can safely add Indoraptors to my game and am happy with where my lineups are for the competitions.

Yet someone else that got the Stygy pack! Really sounds like there might have been some glitch that allowed many… or possible all, players to get this one!


Maybe the Stygy packs was a Valentine’s Day gift from Ludia for being VIPs :smile:

What are you guys using dino bucks for too? Hatching? I have been saving up my dino bucks, even got Fedelity, but not sure if it was worth it? Got a 1 DB pack offer for something and then $3 off of the 3200 DBs bundle (which I did not purchase).

I think I’ve wasted 500 DBs playing Gyrosphere too. Got 2 common Hybrid, for long and difficult matches. Not sure if it was worth the effort.

Typically such a gift would be to all VIPs though… although usually as part of a tournament. More likely it was just a glitch.

Yes, I save up my DBs exclusively for hatchery speedups… waiting for the Tuesday morning discount to use them. And of course the 5-10 fees for playing PvP/tournament rounds.

Regular gyrosphere is definitely NOT worth the price, they do sometimes run special ones that are worth a play, like the recent velociraptor one that gave a nice amount of resources for a much lower price and allowed players to collect the set of 4 matching decorations that had previously only been available in for a real world purchase.

I’d like to echo the above comments, particularly @Mary_Jo, @Tommi, @Potato, and the always wise @Sionsith. Depth of bench, balance among the classes, and patience will take you very far in this game. I like to have at least 10 of every class at a similar Ferocity. That way I can do a 5 round event using any class (a meat shield and an attacker of each class for each round). Resist the urge to get one or two creatures way out in front of everything else to protect yourself from insane PVE Events.

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10 of each class (if we’re just talking mainly jurassic) would take a while. I am unlocking the battles and notice my first legendary unlocks at Lv50 but some legendaries are taking 7 days to hatch :frowning:

I am looking at the dinos that I have unlocked to see which I want to hatch for hybrids. Is it normal for hybrids to have much longer battle cooldowns than VIP dinos?

The problem I am having is hatching time and also only 2 available sets of dinos to cycle through (6 total with about 1K Health and 300+ ATK average), for tournments. So, the first day is alright for me but struggling for points during day 2 and 3.

I currently have 88K DNA and 4.5K DBs and wondering if it would be wise to spend my DBs to hatch dinos this week for a better chance at this week’s tournmament? I am hoping to be Lv50 tonight as well for the trader to unlock.

If you’re shy of level 50, don’t stress out about the tournaments. Certainly don’t go around blowing your Dinobucks in an attempt to place in Dominator. Now, if you find yourself at the end of the tournament, and you’re close, go ahead and use the Dinobucks to get that boost over the hump. If you want to spend Dinobucks, the best place to use them in the weekly hatchery discount or to finish the weekly lottery if it glitches out and resets (although you also need to send in a support request about it).

As far as my recommendation of 10 similar-ferocity creatures of each class, it is a goal to be worked toward. There is some redundancy built into this strategy, but we’ve had events that require five rounds of your very best before. Also, once you get teams strong enough to win in Dominator League, you’ll have enough of them to stay in Dominator League. Your lineup will be constantly evolving as you gain new creatures and level up the bones you have. You’re already having issues with some of the PVE Events due to not having a strong enough bench. Unless you back off and take the time to build your bench up and keep it up, this will only get worse. I strongly encourage you to take the time to do this.

When it comes to what to hatch, here’s my strategy. Nothing bigger than super-rare creatures goes in the first slot, with the exception of VIPs or if you are burning through speed-ups during the hatchery discount. Once you have some stability in your lineup and can reasonably complete PVE Events, I started at the bottom, based on DNA cost and worked my way up. If a creature has a hybrid, I would hatch enough to make 2 level 40s; if not I would hatch enough for just one level 40 unless I needed multiple copies to provide that strong bench. Whenever I got a new creature, I would hatch it as soon as the appropriate hatching chamber is available. If I discovered a hole in my lineup, such as last year’s Rare Only and Common and Rare Only Tournaments or the recent Cenozoic reshuffle, I would work to plug those holes as a priority.

Anywho, that’s my two cents worth of advice.


Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi , I believe it was helpful, I read through your advice.

Your hatchery suggestion is great! I was only hatching rares in my first slot from all the free ones I got. I only put a super rare in there today because of quest requirements for the cenoz. I’ve spent up to 50 DBs hatching 3-7 day dinos in slot 2-4 of the hatchery. But they are not running 24/7, should they?

I am rushing to level 50 because of the trader. I read good things about it and believe that it would be helpful if I were to reach Lv50 and just sit there and just collect daily LPs/DBs from the trader while I improve my line up.

I’ve only asked about spending the DBs for hatchery later this week in an attempt to see if my line up for tournament would improve. I was able to get 1K+ points top 20th in Predator league with using 6 dinos, so I was thinking another set of 3 or 6 might improve my chances of getting more points in the tournamnets.

I am aware that this game is about patience, I just wasn’t aware it has been 4-5 years since launch? I think I saw 2015 somewhere. Just trying to catch up to you guys :smile:

To finish in Dominator, you need about 12 35 point wins per day. Be mindful there usually is a gap between the bottom of Dominator League and the top of Predator League. This tournament, the bottom of Dominator was approximately 1261 trophies. This was a fairly standard Jurassic tournament.

By all means, get the trade harbor unlocked. Even better, get to level 60 and unlock Clash of Titans.

Keep those hatcheries and Fusion chambers working 24/7/365

Another thing, once the Trade Harbor unlocks for you, accept every resource trade to get Clock Towers that you can afford. Maximizing your coin production allows you to easily trade for better resources or creatures

Clock towers…
Everyone on my island knows what time it is!


Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi , I’ll be watching for it. I have 6 clock towers from those VIP tickets like 2 weeks ago?

I just unlocked Trade Harbor. What should I be trading for? Apatosaurus Fossil for LPs?

I have a message that Fedelity members can get 100% more cash? What can I trade for cash?

I also see on the side timer counting down and refresh for 50 DBs. Do you get new offers once the timer is at 0? I think I remember that you can pay for 3 refreshes as well.


Fossils or Hammond Statues for loyalty points are great trades. I’m not a Fidelity Member, so I’ll have to defer to others on that. Each trade has it’s own timer and there is the timer to reset your custom trades. You can also pay 50 Dinobucks to reset all of your trades

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The trades you can get for DBs even as a Fidelity member are pretty poor. You’re better off trading for LPs… and then taking trades for them to DBs (if that’s your primarily goal to acquire). Personally I focused much more on LPs as a newer player, as those 10K VIPs are SO beneficial. DBs really have only become more of a focus of mine later in the game when I am working towards getting all my legendary hybrids completed. The way the game is setup, they also become easier to get the further along you get (in things like Dominator packs, etc). So it’s really just a matter of being patient and progressing through the more painful earlier levels of the game.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful insights. These advice should help new players advance quickly.

If @Andy_wan_kenobi did not mention Clock towers, I wouldn’t have found out they were the most valuable decoration right now.

Do you guys have a good gauge on what “reason” offers are at Trade Harbor?

I was offered 40 DBs for 60 LPs (Chyna wanted the LPs), I took it. 1.5x LP for DBs looked good to me? LPs are a little easier to obtain. What about food/coin ratio?

I also traded some DNAs for legendary (yellow) buildings in hopes of being able to trade those buildings back for DBs or LPs in the future.

Also, most of you guys mentioned having a good amount of dinos before upgrading. How do you know when you are ready? I have 2 of the same VIP dinos now (Eudimorphodon/Concavenator) and my 10 average dinos are probably around 2K-2.5K Ferocity max. If I were to make a Lv20 VIP dino with them, it would push them to 4400 Ferocity. Might be helpful in tournaments but not so much in the daily events now, correct?

So should I wait until I can make 10+ Lv20 VIP dinos?

Currently working on hatching dinos for hybrids that I can unlock and VIP dinos only.

Sorry for all the questions lately. I appreciate everyone being very helpful though :slight_smile:

I will trade coins for anything offered. I take small trades of DNA and Loyalty Points for Dinobucks, but generally do not accept larger trades. I’d rather have the DNA or Loyalty Points to get more creatures. Food depends on what I’m doing. If I have lots and lots of food, and am very free with trading it away for DNA, Loyalty Points, or Dinobucks. As I get closer to my threshold, currently 50 million units, I get much stingier about giving up my food.

I would not fuse my VIPs right now, if I were you. That will through your entire lineup out of wack.