Loyalty points, no membership, new to the game

Also remember when you fuse a creature you do not then need to take it to its next max, for instance you can fuse two level 10s and then leave it at level 11 while you continue to make more then when you have enough you can start leveling them incrementally 12, 13, and so on.


To @Sionsith’s point,

These are my current strongest dinos.

These are all one level above my gorgosuchus line up. From here I’ll make more of the same and backfill my ranks to keep a large deep line up of dinosaurs all at about the same ferocity level. It gives me a great deal of flexibility for daily events and more plays for tournaments.

This lets me avoid needing to accelerate dino cool downs. My goal is to have a big army so that when I add indoraptor to the mix, I will not have far to go to have a same level (ferocity wise) balanced line up.


You guys are great! :slight_smile:

When I reach Dominator, I will make sure to give a shout out to everyone for being so helpful.

The 27th of Feb is when my VIP renewal is up. I wasn’t sure if I would like the game, my first building sim, or if I would stick around. So, I’ll probably do a yearly subscription because the community is great!


Regarding the yearly subscription… do think carefully on that. I did a yearly membership when I was a new player and I really am not sure I would do it all over again, even though it definitely has been very beneficial in a lot of ways and most definitely speeds your progress in the game considerably. But a year is a LONG time and a lot of things can change… this game has been through a LOT of changes in the year that I’ve been playing it, not all of them for the better, IMO. Like the time they took AWAY the extra custom trades that VIPs got… only a complete revolt reversed their decision on that… but it definitely lost a lot of trust on a lot of players parts about the treatment of VIPs. We didn’t even have Mods at all a year ago and there originally seemed to be a BIG push to make them a large part of the game which also did not go over well. And then there was the whole removal of DBs from packs and dropping of packs from many events, etc. Basically there are always changes being made to the game and they aren’t always in the player’s favor. So just be aware of that. Let alone if something else in your life might make you want to take some time away from the game for a few months. Just consider if the small amount of savings you get by paying for a full year really is worth locking yourself in for such a long amount of time.