Loyalty Points Value

Hello everyone,

I have been playing for just over a month and I have accrued over 50k loyalty points.

I was wondering what the best way to spend them is? I assume at my level in the game (44) it would be the 10k packs?

Thanks for the advice and thoughts!

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The 10k packages will be the best choice for you for a very long time.


Just be careful not to level up the VIP creatures from the solid gold packs too fast. You don’t want them to be a lot higher in ferocity than the rest of your creatures.


Thanks for this, how do you recommend leveling them up?

Just check where they are sitting in ferocity compared to rest of your lineup. When they are at the top or near the top of your lineup, don’t feed them more. Or else the daily events will be more difficult if you have some creatures with a lot more ferocity than the rest of your lineup.

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Show us ur lineup and we can tell u where to level em 2

These are my relevant Dinos I believe.

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Leave em at 10


Ok, when should I move them to 20?

When you have several creatures that have higher ferocity than your lvl 10 VIPs, then it’s time to fuse them. But still you must not feed them to lvl 20. Check where they are sitting in your lineup at lvl 11. If they are on the top of your lineup at lvl 11, keep them there until you have other creatures with more ferocity. Then it’s time to feed them to lvl 12 and so on. It’s a long time until your lineup is ready for lvl 20 VIPs. I would say that in your aquatic and cenozoic lineup lvl 1 VIPs are best (lvl 10 is too high).


After you have at least 5 creatures that have equal or greater ferocity than a level 40 legendary

A level 40 legendary? Is that the ones with gold background?

I guess I don’t really understand ferocity all that much and yes I did look at the guides suggested haha.

You can calculate ferocity by “health + 3,2 x attack”, but the simple way to see where a creature is in your lineup, is to see where it is located in the menu where you choose your creatures before a battle. The creatures with highest ferocity are first, and then in descending order. You don’t want to level up the creature(s) that are already on top.

Thanks and a follow up question. So don’t level up the dinos on the left but it is ok to level up and combine the ones further down the line?


Exactly! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another question: Will I see them move to the left as they increase in power? When do I want to stop leveling them?

If you care about code 19, you want your Jurassic pens to get to up to 6 Dino’s(usually it’s 4 or 5). So 5 Dino’s at 10 will get you you better sdna than 1 dino at 30.

When in doubt, hatch Dino’s that will eventually let you unlock hybrids. The hybrids will lead you to super hybrids. Pretty much the only Dino’s I use are vip, hybrid or super hybrid.

Also analyze how you like to fight. There are several strategy’s. I prefer to go balanced across 3 classes. I like Dino’s with 3 to 1 hp to attack ratio.

If your non vip, save all lp to get 10k packs. If your vip, I would be using lp to get you to get free diamond packs in prize drop.


Yes, they move to the left as the ferocity grows. When they are on top, you don’t want to feed them more. I would say, don’t fuse them before you have several creatures with higher ferocity than the creature you want to fuse (because some make a big jump in ferocity from f.ex. lvl 10 to 11).

Can I PM you my dinos and you can give me some advice?