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You may post it here. Most likely other people have better advices. I’m no expert. Just trying to explain some basics.

The jump in ferocity from level 10 to 11 is 29.6% (plus/minus a very small deviation) for all creatures, except superhybrids.


Superhybrids are more or less? Looks like a small jump for diplosuchus lvl 10 to 11?

Diplosuchus 0.7%
Dimetrocarnus 1.0%
Spinotasuchus 0.7%
Indoraptor 0.86%
Indoraptor Gen 2 1.38%
Pelecachtylus 2.64%
Tapejalocephalus 0.12%
Gigakylocepahous 27.37%
Monostegotops 0.22%

As you can see there seems to be no general pattern for them.


If you haven’t already seen this:




These are my current dinos, I have a few common dinos that are not pictured but they are low.

I have this organized as highest ferocity to lowest of course.

Thoughts tips?

It is best to look at just Jurassic or just Cenozoic as an event will not cross over the biomes when looking at your strength. For instance lvl 40 tournament hybrids in Jurassic will have no effect on your Aquatic battles. The same thing goes for class or rarity type restricted events. Certain events will be based off your park lvl and others will be based off your roster. At your lvl I would just focus on hatching everything the game gives you you just might not want to feed it based on where it fits in with your current roster.

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Sooo I just hatched an Indominus (got lucky from a pack) and was wondering what I should do with it? Instantly went to the top of the ferocity at level 1.

You leave it at lvl 1 until you have other creatures with higher ferocity. Then you feed it to lvl 2, but check where it is sitting in your lineup ferocitywise before feeding it more. If it’s at the top at lvl 2, you leave it lvl 2.

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Ok, so leave it at 1 and level other stuff up to pass it? Now what about the other legendaries behind it? Leave them until other stuff passes them?

Will commons and rare ever catch it?

Most lvl 40 legendaries will have more ferocity, not sure about lvl 30 legendaries. Focus also on rares and super rares that have hybrids (especially the components of carnoraptor, spinoraptor, tapejalosaurus and stegoceratops, hybrids that have s-hybrids). Unfortunately some of the components of the hybrids are locked, so just hatched everything you get through the game. Many hybrids works very well at lvl 20, at least the super rares, or if not at lvl 20 just a little above that. I see you already have diplotator, make another lvl 30 of that, so you later on can fuse it to lvl 40 and make the s-hybrid diplosuchus.

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You leave it at lvl one and you level other creatures up to it, not past it. You level up creatures past it when you have 7-10 creatures or more depending on how conservative you want to be that can be leveled slowly past it and you then level it with them.

You do not want to start leapfrogging your top creature with only a few creatures, depth is the name of the game for long term success in JWTG unless you want to spend a bunch of real life money on the game for cooldowns.

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Is there an easy way to see if your dinos are equal or do I just have to do math?

Have to do the math, a creature sitting next to another means nothing in terms of strength between the two. The only thing you know is one is stronger than another but to what extent is not available unless you do the math.

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Ok, so the formula posted earlier is the way to figure out ferocity?

Also how many of each dino is optimal in an enclosure?

Full paddocks(9 lvl 40’s, 1 lvl 30, 1 lvl 20 and 1 lvl 10) is optimal.
But that will also depend on your level and the ferocity of your lineup. You dont want a paddock of lvl 40’s if the rest of your lineup cant support it.

And you dont need to spend DNA on alot of the stuff to fill paddocks( alot of commons, rare, SR and legendaries will be given to you thru packs and rewards)
Just hatch what the game gives you, keep your lineup balanced and deep and you’ll gradually fill them up.

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If you haven’t gone to the thread in this post, you need to.