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I made a purchase for DB and did not get my loyalty points. I went to the support email and informed them. They asked for a screenshot of the purchase. I sent them one. I still do not have my loyalty points.
First of all: How else am I going to get 1500 DB unless I purchase them? The ability to trade for DB or win them in special events is almost impossible now. It did not used to be this way. This is how I get treated for being an avid player of this game. I am not a “gamer” but I enjoy Jurassic World because my granddaughter plays it and it gives us something in common to do. I am very disappointed in the way Ludia is handling this particular transaction. I am seriously thinking about deleting it from my apps. And from the look of, a LOT of people are not happy with the way the game is progressing. Don’t even get me started on the MODs thing. It just depletes all of my resources that take forever to get unless you purchase them. It would be nice if more card packs were offered when you win a PVP fight and the Trade Harbor needs to be more fair and balanced. Some of the trades don’t even make sense to me at all. Other than that, I am glad to have the game to play because I really do enjoy it. I just wish it was more fair and balanced so people like my granddaughter and I can play without breaking the bank. Thanks.

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Hey betsybearden, I’m sorry to hear that you were having an issue with the purchase you made.

If you are already in contact with our team, please rest assured that they will try their best to assist you. However, It may take a bit of time for our team to review your information.

Our team will get back to you as soon as they can once they finish their review.

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I am still waiting on reimbursement for my loyalty points since the 16th of this month. I sent the receipt and still no reimbursement. Why should I even have to “prove” that I purchased the DB in the first place? Who has 1500 DB to their credit unless they PURCHASE THEM? This is getting ridiculous!

Update:Thanks to Ned, the issue has been resolved. I appreciate the help, Ned.

Hey dinobetz, could you send me a private message on the forums of the email address you used to contact our team? I would be happy to take a closer look at this for you.


Thanks for your help.

You may want to delete that and send it as a private message

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I just sent a message on the “Contact Us” area.

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Thank you!