LP thread?

Is there a dedicated thread on loyalty points? If so, sorry for creating a new thread.

I’m trying to determine the best trade strategy to seriously stock up. Willing to sacrifice serious DNA or DB. For instance, I generally trade super rare hybrids in the trade harbor for LPs … I also spend cash for extra trades past the three day allotment.

So basically I’m asking if anyone has any experience trading legendary hybrids on the higher end of the DNA price spectrum. Before I go shelling out 60k or more DNA on this experiment, I was wondering if anyone else has tried it and if so, how many LPs does it yield.



I don’t think legendary hybrids fetch you good DNA ratios in CT…

check out this thread

I highlight some of the things I typically do for LPs and kept track of collection for a bit. You can do 100k LPs as a non VIP in less than 40 days pretty routinely if you are keeping up with PvE’s and trades.

And another post from another LP thread that kinda highlights some things in one post.

I will also add that I am no longer in LPs over everything mode. On any typically day I was trading away several thousands worth of DNA for typically around half as many LPs. Not a bad thing technically especially early on where VIP creatures are super useful right out of the gate. But now that I need to be hatching more tournament hybrids that cost anywhere from 40k - 80k DNA that are also better than VIPs in the long run stat wise (other than cool downs). I feel like it is making less sense for me to be trading away all that DNA.

I still do just about any other LP trades though. I still have a stash of LPs and am waiting for a 10k pack discount or some other VIP pack discount that will likely never come.


I personally wouldn’t sacrifice DNA or DB for LP.
But that depends on where you are level/ferocity wise with your lineup and also what your personal goals are for the game.

There’s a decent availability to gain LP thru daily packs, events, rewards and trades for coins/food and other dinos.
Aswell as pretty good opportunities to gain VIP dinos thru other routes
VIP creatures are great, but not worth sacrificing most Legendary Hybrids and definitely not Tourney Hybrids in my opinion.
Tourney Hybrids are better overall in the long run other than cooldown.

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Should have asked are you VIP or non VIP. Makes a huge difference. If you are VIP i probably wouldn’t be quite as aggressive trading away DNA and hybrids and certainly not DBs for LPs.

As a non VIP its a good bit different as the LPs and LP packs are your only shot at VIP creatures other than the prize drop which is quite expensive in it’s own right. Someone did post the other day as a non VIP they got a VIP dino from a custom trade in the TH. Think it was food for jurassic. Never happened to me but haven’t tried in a while might have been a recent update.

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LP’s are easier to farm than DNA, as you get LP’s every day from every event ( unless its those spin wheel ones ) and in high amounts as well

DNA is slightly harder to farm in my opinion

What I did for about 15 days was to change the Cenozoic Megatherium tournament, its cost is 6900 DNA, but in the custom exchanges per LP I almost always obtained 1100, a day towards 2 custom exchanges. 250DB

The advantage of using megatherium is that you can get it in a personalized exchange for coins and it is unlocked in the battle phase.

I am not a VIP. In one week doing this I went from 44K to 79K, also counting on the LPs of the events and tournament envelope.

The following week I slowed down the exchange rate and reached 100K. An average of 28K LP a week.

Somewhat expensive in DNA but it was the way to try to buy the 50K LP Pterodaustro and Rhomaloceus envelope consecutively with the 7 day free trial.

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Not true, I can get 100k dna in a week whereas LP is about 20k maybe.

Every single part of the game is a dna farm, PvE, trade harbour, tournament battles, sdna, which is good, because tourney hybrids cost a lot.


Looks like its the other way around then :eyes:

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When you increase park level and coin production youl see dna comes a lot quicker, I was at 380k 3 days ago, now I’m at 450k.


My gosh 10 karacktars

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440k sorry, this week il make more as I’ve got more time so il grind more dna on tournament wheels and an extra 31k for dimetrocarnus.

For LP the best wheel is the cenozoic wheel which can yeild up to 1k LP per battle.


I was wondering, how to get jurassic tournament with lp in trade harbor

Random trades r your best bet. Never tried doing an lp for Jurassic as a custom trade, can’t imagine it would b a good deal either way.

Also as a non vip I’m not sure what all the trade harbor restrictions are as a vip your r eligible for different often better creatures trade wise

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I have done LP’s for Jurassics and Aquatics before

How many Lps do u have in stock typically at the time and what r your offers?

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Well I typically didn’t have much LP’s but I got Trinacomerum, an offer for Onchopristis ( locked aquatics )
For Jurassics one try only ,got Nasutoceratops, this weekend I’ll try again

I have a decent chunk maybe I’ll waste one of my custom trades today just to see what kind of offer I get. That curiosity got me. In the name research.


In the name of scientific reasearch, Professor @Subxero11 is giving up loyalty points to find out what creature can he find buried in the sand.

Or should I say, Chanya’s trades.


Never said I would take the trade, I don’t imagine it will be very good. But at very least I can waste one of my custom trades just to take a peaksy

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