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Luckiest I’ve Ever Been


We all know luck plays a large part in this game. RNG, spawns, even the team and what order you’re given in a battle. Today I had the greatest luck of all, and had nothing to do with those things… it had to do with my opponent’s connection.

I could tell from the start that they had crashed, as the timer reached 0 on their first pick and out runs a dracoceratops. A level 30 dracoceratops.

I had started with my modest 22 tuoramoloch, but it had enough to finish the job.

That felt good. (@Alex_Dhir)

Next up, a 28 erlidominus. I cloak, I dodge it’s speed up strike, but not the second, hanging on by a thread I get off my x4 rampage.

Next out, still on autopilot, is a 28 diloracherius. At this point my opponent finally “wakes up.” My erlidom hits and runs, and my stegod takes a few good hits before it rampages and runs, swapping to a 30 indoraptor. I’m able to wear it down enough that my erlidom can come back out and finish it off.

No way would my team have been able to beat this one if my opponent had been at the wheel the whole time. Even at half the time I struggled to pull off a win.

Feels good man. :four_leaf_clover:


(I must have missed something, because I lost two dinos, forget what the second one was. Whatever it was I didn’t get a screenshot)


Yeah having a disconnected opponent beats all RNG issues in the game.:grin: Although matching a disconnected opponent is good RNG itself.


Though technically not a random number generated, unless you mean RNG of “the universe” :sweat_smile: