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Luckiest player

To preface this I’m not complaining I just thought this would be an experience others should hear about

I just had a PVP match where someone got a crit on me with a Gemini 5% chance (it was also just enough to kill my Maxima) instant charge from Thor stunned my Spyx which has 75% stun immunity and the same Spyx was stunned by a Magnus swap in. Needless to say I lost the match but the luck that player has is incredible.

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Some of Gaming Beaver’s old videos, when cloak was 50% to dodge all damage, are hilarious.

Enemy dodges 3 times in a row, then critical hits through his own cloak and one-shots his dino.


Those are people that wake up in the morning checking how much their offshore societies have gained during the night, drive their Cayenne to the beach, drink cocktails served by a couple of bikini ladies and dine in the best restaurants in town.
Their lives have no real trouble, that’s why they’re so lucky in a dino game.


This just happened on my mini account. Swapped pho on a thor, swap in stun didnt work, then thor was using instant charge (on the same turn) and it worked… pho was stunned and locked and sitting there like a dead duck

In a battle, One of opponent dino who has 5% crit chance, got 3 criticals in a row straight… I’m not so much unlucky, has these 5% has got increased secretly??

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While that suck and been there done that, spyx has a 67% resistance to Stun.

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Got a monolometrodon having 3 critical hits in a row against me. Then my thylacotator not having a critical hit after a deliberate prowl (90%) on rending takedown, of course the thor didn’t die and got through the dodge plus a critical hit on the rampage. Without the critical hit on the rampage I would have won of course.