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Luckily, I think of the tournament as a simple game


I do not know how the pairings are made but there are things that do not make sense.

My real level is to be above 5050 with a team of average 25 of creature, sometimes I happen of the 5100 and I put myself in the Top500, sometimes low until the 5000 or a little below.

Yesterday I did more than 30 battles, going up to position 312, the best I’ve ever been with almost 5200 points. In that area I made more than 20 battles against Top500 winning many and losing others but having a lot of fun. Everyone told me to stop competing and secure the Top500 but I thought that this is a game and I did not want to be two days without playing. Then I chained many defeats which I considered normal because I was above my level and I went to sleep at 5030, approximately my level. I thought that in the morning they would balance me again and win battles again. But I have been losing all morning and I have reached level 4810, the lowest level since November and with a decrease of almost 350 points from maximums. Yesterday when I faced the Top500 of 5200 points I saw Stegodeus of 28, Tragodistis of 27, Indoraptors of 26, Utarinex of 25, dilos of 24, teams a bit superior to mine but with which I could compete … today in the area of ​​4850 I face Stegodeus of 29, Trykos of 25, dilos of 26, tragodistis of 28 with which I can do little … and we talk about rivals with 400 points less … it’s all very strange …

Luckily I take this as a game and I will continue battling to the end because it amuses me but it is sad to see how almost everyone has stopped playing once reached a level for fear of facing during several games to rivals that are not of their level .


Yes, it’s been rough today. I’ve been above 5,000 several times and could have camped, but because I had reached rank 390 a few days ago I wanted to keep trying…

Currently in the lower 4,800’s after facing teams with multiple uniques (I have only Indoraptor on my team). So I’ll take a break and try again later.

You’re not alone! It’ll be an up and down, but we might as well keep trying. The rewards for 5,000 aren’t much better than for 4,750 - nothing to lose, much to gain.

GL! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What you are saying really hits home with me. It is sad. It’s not like real money is involved. It is just a game. To me the battling aspect is the best. I enjoy to hunt and collect Dino’s but battling is what puts this game above the rest.
Usually when I drop so far there is a bottom. The fun part is climbing back up. I am very happy that you share the same thoughts as me. Go for the gold and see where you end up. No sense in stopping now


Some people doesn’t battle a lot until the end of the tournament, which makes competition fierce sometimes. I believe you can eventually climb up as losing streaks and winning streaks are just part of the game.

Good luck in the arena!


I dropped 500+ points today and found myself in Sorna Marshes. During the drop I kept hitting high level dinos all the way down. I was hitting uniques in Sorna Marshes which blows my mind. I’ve climbed back up by 300 but still have some work to do. It was a weird day of battles.

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Why does this have to happen to me…
I was just trying to get to 4250. Of course this happens.

Oh wait forgot 4250 trophies doesn’t award anything lol


I figured out something,maybe i am right maybe i am not. If at the beginning you make fast wins you will be at top 500 almost all the time.If try to enter now,the spots have been taken by players who are beyond their level and camping right now.So it leaves lots of players to fight with 25-26 average teams to enter the top 500 and eventually some will stay out.


Then there are less than 24 hours and I am still far from 5000. A few days ago I competed without problems with rivals of 5200 and even 5300, reaching a top100 win. Now I can not win more than two games in a row against 4800 rivals or I have made about 50 battles at this level. Now if I get to 5000 I’ll leave it until tomorrow. I could have entered the top500 if I had not played since Friday but I do not regret it.


Well, luckily the last night the pairings were, as expected, good for me. I won eight of the first ten battles and managed to overcome the 5000. It was normal to stop there but I wanted to try the assault to the Top500 I had been days before. I got to 5120, possibly to a single victory of the Top500 but that’s where my luck ended. After many battles won and lost I went down to 5007 … and there I stopped, with 3 incubators of 8 hours in the pantry. FIn of the tournament for me and objective marked at the beginning fulfilled. Good luck to those who still have to fight to achieve your goal … and see you in the next tournament !!!