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Lucky 8 tournament link broken

So, I clicked on the lucky 8 tournament in the in game news. Oops. Page didn’t exist. Any ideas on what this is?

Just that the forum page isn’t listed yet. That could be because it doesn’t exist yet, or they are waiting to release the details.

Would be nice if they would list news first before putting popup in game.

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Lucky 8… is this a free for all, or does the game pick our 8? lol

everything set to lv 8?

A lvl 8 erlidom, lol.

Lucky 8? Only dodgers allowed?

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How about only:
IndoG2, Procerathomimus, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Erlidom, Utasino, Tryko, and Phorusaura?

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I clicked on it earlier and nothing happened. I was wondering what it was.

Did we have a lunar scent last year? If so, what were the creatures it attracted? Those could be the selection pool.

Dinos that are included in the lunar new year incubators.

Hopefully it isn’t something like this. That would be very boring.

Only 8 years old can play the Tournament


Eh, I’m 99% sure this will be a tourney where all creatures are set to their current lvl and stat boosts will be enabled so it will only be interesting for the cancerous players and the ones who are at super end-game.

If it’s a free for all, I’m prepared to metastasize there.

Only 8 players get to enter for free the rest needs to pay 100 HC :thinking: