Lucky day


Interesting thing today. While I was in battle, my game bugged and I couldn’t use any moves, and I was like “Oh well, better win the next one”. And when I restarted the game I saw that I won the match. So the auto fight won vs the opponent and the best thing was, that I got that epic incubator from that win. Now this is luck…

What lucky situations you had guys?


two 24 hour ones O.o

are they more common as you rank up in arenas or did you just get lucky on getting 2?


I said that they were bugged. I have only one, the other one didn’t want to open, when I restarted the game, the other one disappeared.
Also this is my first one, and I think that the chance for drop, no matter in what arena you’re placed, is random.


ohh ok yeah i’ve only ever had 1 and 2 12 hour ones


The higher you get its just harder battles. I had more luck getting 24s when I was below 3k🙄 hopefully they will make it easier to get the higher up you are🤔