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Lucky Match Mitigation Solution?


I was commenting in a recent thread about the luck of the game, and I had an idea about how the game could be made MUCH more balanced with just one small change.

My theory is that the game “feels” so luck-based because there are so many different “layers” of luck. Which 4 of 8 dinos did you get, which did they get, your opponents level, and lastly the Crit/Dodge/Stun luck. So even if you get lucky with one layer, you could easily lose if you got more unlucky down the line. If some of those other layers were fixed the combat portion wouldn’t feel so lucky, even if you didn’t touch the Crit/Dodge/Stun stuff.

What would be fun is if they did an Elimination/Draft type dino selection:

  1. Each player takes turns picking a dino

  2. Selected dinos are visible to the other player

  3. (Maybe without the dino level so there are still some unknowns)

  4. Selected dinos may not be chosen by the other player (So no Indom vs Indom silly coin-flips)

  5. First pick would be random, or there could be a modified pick order to balance the perk of going first (Like: A-B-B-A-B-A-B-A or A-B-A-B-B-A-B-A), or something like ‘Player with fewer trophies always picks first’

This would have huge benefits:

  • Eliminates the 4of8 luck

  • Team selection is has meaningful player choice instead of another coin flip

  • Adds tactics in team countering

  • Players would never get their very worst team

  • Adds tactics of ‘blocking’ good dinos even if yours are under leveled.

  • Could focus resources into less common dinos knowing they won’t get blocked so you can make your ideal team

  • Eliminates the boring SameDino vs SameDino match ups

  • Players super bothered by Stunning/Raptors/dodging/etc. could make specific teams to counter them

  • Would cause a larger variety of dinos to be picked. Instead of you making a team of the very best 8, you might put some dinos in that are a little lower, but are hard counters to better dinos

  • More tactics during the match: You know what they have left and you can plan further in advance. Currently it is very much ‘pick your best thing’ and hope they don’t have a hard counter

  • Very easy to implement. You don’t have to re-blance the whole game, all you have to do is tweak the front end code

There would also be very few downsides:

  • Team selection would take a little time, would probably add about 1 min to each match

  • Would not be able to battle until you got 8 dinos in your collection

  • Some would miss the random, so they would have to add a random button

After thinking about this for a little while, I’m genuinely bummed that the it doesn’t work this way and I think I will enjoy the game a little less. lol