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I looove when this happens. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I HATE uneven DNA. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes it is :smiley:


i wouldn’t care if it was odd or even, i simply havent seen a sino in over a month.


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They’re actually one of the more common epics by me. I see one every 2-3 days, sometimes multiple in the same day. That’s how I was able to make Utasino and Allosino at the same time plus a couple levels.

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i’ll be over in five minutes.



Haha see you soon!


I got about 250 Sino DNA from the one time offer i bought last night, and then saw this a couple hours ago. I feel like i should buy a lotto ticket today.


Omg did you get both?!


Yeah. And i had to suffer through a school zone while kids were getting out. It was worth it though. I was worried the 2nd one was gonna disappear before i got to it, especially since the first one escaped before the countdown started while darting it.


gas stations in the appropriate local with an epic scent may help.


That’s the worst, especially when it’s an epic you desperately need, rarely see, and haven’t seen in forever. I can’t even fathom how that’s allowed (especially as a VIP member).

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There’s a certain way you can dart them to make them turn how you want them too, it’s how I get so much DNA despite not being vip.


You can hit the side of a bullseye and make them turn away from where you hit them if it’s in the middle of the bullseye’s side. Or you can repeatedly hit the side but without a bullseye, it takes more hits to make them turn though.


Would you explain further or maybe even make a video? I was literally just asking yesterday how people get so much per run. My top record is 295 on a common and I see some people get 350-400. I can’t even fathom it. And I have VIP!


I don’t have a screen recording app and even if I did I couldn’t make videos because this game takes up too much storage.


If you hit the center of a bullseye, or not the bullseye but not close to it the dino keeps moving straight and speeds up everytime you hit it, but if you hit the side of a bullseye as in the edge of the circle(or next to it a couple of times) then the dino will turn away from where the dart is hitting and you can use that too make it move how you want it to and stop it from escaping.


I’m lucky to even hit the bullseye enough times to get a decent score on certain dinos. I don’t get much practice on Sinos ever.


Same here. On most dinos. Except I’m a pro on Sinoceratops. I get like 4-5 direct hits on them.

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That’s as much sino DNA as I’ve gotten since July. Maybe more! Not even joking.


Oh wow. That’s like the last week or two for me.