Lucky14's progress for a year

Hi all,
I want to share my game progress for a year (since game restart 12.3.2021) I am trying to keep my ferocity + types of creatured balanced. I am also going to improme my cenozoic team and get one level 20 vip of each type. (sorry for to much screens)

Today i preferably finished my favorite nodosaur and for a week i will preferably finish favorite iguanodon.
After that i save my dna and made another metriaphodon level 18 and level 24 spinotasuchus to full balanced my ferocity then i start working on cenos and aqua. I keep ferocity diferences in team about 500 points max.

I can made all aquatic + ceno hybrids even from locked creatures

Also i can get indoraptor gen 2 if i will want it, but i dont see reason to create him, for now

and i can do land tournaments without bucks spending and cenos and aquatic tournaments with a small spendig.

How I am and what i can improve?

and what type i am?
i mean like beginner, experienced, middle etc?
thank you?




forever alone - my life story

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in fact, Iā€™m really bad !look at my programming for a year and a half!



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i dont think you re bad your teams are nice


Congrats for both :pray::+1:

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