Ludia. 30 steps TOM is way too much

I know you want people playing multiplayer. I know is what keep the game alive and somewhat hides the fact that the game is being deserted.

But 10+10+30 steps test of might is not respectful for people, like me, who has a family and a job. This event is terribly long. And I’m not even mentioning the gem cost. It is, at minimum (supposing you win half of the battles which is not my case, i loose like 65%), 100 multiplayer battles. In 3 days.

Yeah, I know you are going to say that I’m not forced to play it. But the game should also think in the players’ life. Spending like 5 or 6 hours in 3 days is not normal. Nor fun.

Hope this suggestion will be listened.


The duration of ToM events has been punishing. Intermediate and advanced players will likely find it more productive to spend this time farming Lightfinger or Heartcoil Challenges.

In the time it takes to for me to complete a PvP event, I can farm thousands of gems, a multitude of gold and countless items. The harvested gems often provide enough currency to purchase 2 legendary packs (4 legendary items). This return far exceeds what I can reap from these painful events.


Also you can choose which pack to buy while the Legendary card from ToM is “completely” :joy::joy::joy: random.

I looted all the Legendary cards from each ToM, Silverhand’s Trials, etc…none of them was of one of the really good items.


Ah, yeah. Been grinding the gold tome last several days. 40 wins for 1 random legend that will have a high chance of being bad is low on my list of things I need to do.


There are complaints about the ToM every week, same complaints but Ludia do not listen. As long as people are foolishly spending gems to complete the 40 payable steps Vs the 10 free and people are paying money to fund these gems then this feature of the game is working as intended for them. The only way to force a modification is to outright refuse to play that part of the game then they will have to reincentivise it when numbers drop right down. There are other far more rewarding parts of the game.

It makes no sense currently to have it so time and financially consuming as more people would take part and perhaps spend each a little on average giving them a net overall greater income each time they run it.


Thanks for confirming the wins needed for lvl3 this week, will happily stop at lvl2 once I have 3 losses.


I find it interesting that the ToM rewards/duration vary on items. When its a silverhand weapon you do not have to do near as many ToM wins compared to legendary items where you have to do more wins. Legendary items are CHEAPER than silverhand weapons, plus your getting a known weapon compared to a random legendary card which 75% of them are basically useless. I think the only way the ToM legendary events make sense in their current state was if you were allowed to pick your legendary item you wanted. As it stands now unless I happen to have a book of free events active I dont do these ToM events once I run out of free tried, its to much work for to little reward, not to mention basically no reward at all when you get a crap legendary card.


I rarely even complete the free tries. Too frustrating, esp. when I have quests to finish, battle chest slots to fill, and life to live.

If they made it shorter, then it would be easier for free to play people to get the rewards. Why pay to play then? I do have to say that as a free player, ludia is quite generous with me. With the daily gift being a legendary (currently) every 24 days, its not too bad. The quality and frequency of said legendaries is another matter.

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