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Ludia and shortage of coin


literally takes me weeks to lv up one legendary and its quite frustrating bc its like ive hit a wall. Its seriously play to win game


I feel for you my friend. To evolve all your hybrids you need at least what, 80 to 100k coins. You may either buy 25k or 250k coins, or multiple 25k coins. Whichever way you go you need to spend between 30 to 50 dollars.

I did this for some time until I realised the money I spent could get me another PS4 console! That’s when I woke up from this insanity!


It only gets worse. After this tournament, I’m gonna cut back on how much time I spend on this game because they aren’t making it any easier to advance. They’ve never looked at the daily coin limits as being a problem, and it most definitely is. Even the treasure chests they give out once a week (if we’re lucky) are barely a boost.


Pay or do tapjoy offers.


I got a few thousand bucks (in-game cash) from tapjoy in the last week or two, and still waiting for another 2k from them. It shouldn’t be this much work just to play JWA though. All of the other games I’ve played with the free offers seem to give you ways to sustain your gameplay at a normal pace, unlike JWA. You can’t argue that the daily coin limit is ridiculously low though. It goes up 600 coins each time you level up. That’s absurd.


Be very picky with what you power up, there’s no reason to have a lv16 Stygimoloch Gen2 for example. Coins are a major part of the grind though that’s for sure!


Yup, you definitely have to play to win!


Why do you have a stigymoloch gen 2 at level 16? I sense some regrets right there