Ludia are cheats & poachers


Let me be clear. I enjoy the game and have paid a lot to build my dinosaurs. Over the last few weeks, the games fee predatory actions have lead me to write this post. On a daily basis I’m hit with a choice to buy darts or buy an incubator, just to advance. Not to mention the “deals” that only lead you to be pressured to buy more to advance you dino’s. I understand the developer and universal need to make money, but there has to be a reasonable limit. I have contacted Apple about these practices and hopefully will add some App Store rules to limit. Ultimately it brings down the user experience. I emplore you when you receive you iTunes invoice, hit the button to report a problem.
Also, I’ve noticed that the same Dino’s are on the map. You rarely come across t-Rex maybe 1 a week. Not to mention the joke they “played on the indoraptor. Come on, 1/1 try?? Really? Ludia, I hope will think alittle about after the current Jurassic movie has faded and look to keep players interested. Before people lose interest and regret the money they spent already and move on!


You honestly think Apple going to look into something like that? Whether you like it or not it’s a choice if you want to pay or not. No one bending your arms to make “ pressured “ purchases. Even if they are absurd to you people pay it and thus they continue to sell. Also I find about 2-3 Rex a day.


You might want to find a 12 step program. Steer clear of casinos, whatever you do!


That made my day, lol :joy::clap:t2:


One Rex a week? That incredibly low, 2-3 a day we’re I am.


You don’t need to buy darts. At all. They come in the free incubators, Battle Incubators and there are supply drops pretty much everywhere (there are just THREE houses within 1km of where I live and about 12 drops are visible on my map from home). You don’t need to buy incubators to advance. You can collect DNA however you wish.

Ludia does want to make money and some people want to spend it. They offer different tiers depending on budget. Don’t even look at the offers if you aren’t interested.

And same dinos on the map? If you stay indoors yes. Each area is a specific spawn zone type. Within that zone the same types of dinosaurs spawn. Go out, take a walk into another zone. You’ll find allsorts. And one T-Rex a week? I might not catch her very often but Rexie seems to often appear just on the edge of my maps whereever I happen to be, tantalisingly just out of my reach.

So… only spend money if that makes the game more fun. Or don’t if you prefer to be free to play. It’s not difficult.


I see a T-Rex maybe once a week if I am lucky. Can I ask you where do you see the most at? I have a couple of big parks around me and I don’t see a T-Rex that much. I wonder how is it decided on what dinosaurs pop up.


Meh, 40$ for an ingame phone reptile, lol. Hey guys steam summer sale is there, you can get loads of amazing (dinosaur) games for 40$. Get some real games instead of a digital dino which you can only use for a very limited dinosaur pvp, yawn.


Why would you pay to skip playing the game you enjoy?


Buying darts? Maybe stop trying to play from your couch and go outside. You get darts at supply drops.

Second off… That comment about only getting 1 attempt at Indoraptor makes you seem entitled. Why should they just hand you the best dino in the game? When legendaries and uniques are they’re not meant for you to acquire. They’re there to give you a leg up or a boost if you already have it.


While I agree some things in this game are overpriced. It is still a “real” game. Portable gaming has been a real industry for a while.


Comments like this are always dumb to me because it’s totally irrelevant. People spend money on this game because they like this game, if they wanted to play those other games they’d do that instead.


Right? It’s all 1’s and 0’s. How does holding a controller change that? You’re literally paying for nothing either way.


No one is making you pay to play!!! I’ve leveled up and gotten Dino’s without at times spending any money!!! Get out and look for more Dino’s cause obviously your living under a rock, cause I see Rexy a few times a week. I just had 3 rares in one area


We barely get 1 a week where we are!