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Ludia are we facing another massive ATK boost exploit rollback?

We just finished a cleanup drive recently, whats gonna happen now that the in game shop atk boost glitched again?

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My guess? Nothing. Its making money, they clearly don’t care anymore despite the copy paste messages they send out.


1- Boosts aren’t working adequately… This is making the game worse instead of making it better. They should face this reality and end it, but we know they won’t, because of rea$ons…

2- If they insist on making boosts a permanent thing, they shouldn’t sell them that much… Players should earn most of their boosts with daily incs and strike events… These things should rarely be on the store and when they do, it should be just one of each… But again, they won’t do that 'cause of the same rea$ons…


They haven’t finished the first clean up. There are people who have yet to be reimbursed after the reset for the money they spent the first time around.


I just want them to drop another 5k hard cash on my account so I can buy some dino coins. If you guys won’t fix the boosts, can you at least do that? Only maybe make it 10k this time, since we’ve been through so much trouble lately…