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Ludia Are Ya Just Trying My Will Power Now? 4500 Gem Wait😂🤔 1p

It Sure Is Tempting!!!:sob:
Why Ludia??? :joy::grin:
I Know, To See How Strong I Am :muscle:
it’s Like Here Fishy Fishy Fishy???:thinking::joy::grinning:

Buying gold for gems is a bad tradeoff. You will need gems more than gold in the long term. You should only trade if there’s an immediate need that will improve your team past a sticking point.

Please note you don’t have to upgrade everything the minute you can afford it. I have plenty of rare, common and Epics sitting at level 1 because their abilities aren’t as competitive.

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Thanks @retsamerol (Retsamerol)
Yea I Haven’t Sold Any Of My Equipment Yet,
I Was Thinking About Putting My Team On Here, And Asking What Is Best For Them? Think That Might Be Something People Would Want To See ret?

Yea I’m Pretty LAX When It Comes To Upgrades, As I Know There Far And In-between, And I’m A Free To Play, And I Know When You Done, The Game Is Pretty Much Done Until A Update Rolls Around, So I’m Real Cautious On How I Play The Game, Don’t Want To Run Out Of Game Completely??? BESIDES PVP, So I Try To Take My Sweet Time, And Spend Half My Time Here On The Forum. Thanks Again @retsamerol (Retsamerol)