Ludia, are you kidding me?!

Just faced this monster in battle, matchmaking at its worst


I have no words , other than I’ve seen the same and worse on a daily basis over the past few weeks .
And it just isn’t funny anymore .
The game is so broken now , I’m not sure how it can be fixed .


Is that one of those people that run a bunch of L28+ dinos and a L5 Suchomimus or L3 Dimorphodon to bring their Team average down so the match making gives them endlessly favorable matchups? Check their team in your recent opponents list just out of curiosity.


Or he just put all his effort into Thor. The ingredients are super easy to get and if you use all boosts on it, then you get something like this, with 7 other mediocre dinos in the team. The player would lose often without Thor and win all the time with it.
Curious about the rest of the team though.

I tried that for a while (L10 Dimorph) to see if it worked and sadly it does - mostly; while the matches tended to be more favourable I can still achieve a higher trophy count with a more balanced team - not that trophy count stands for much these days.

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I’ve run into lvl 27 and 28s I have a lvl 24 and 23s and even 22s…I get creamed by them all the time…its why I’m stuck end of Ruins early Lockwood lately…no higher

What I don’t get is why nearly all of these OP Thors seem to be down in Lockwood Manor. It’s like this area has the worst matchmaking in the game right now.

  1. Fix matchmaking
  2. Nerf DC (maybe make a hybrid JUST to counter DC)
  3. Give us an arena specifically with NO boosts

This wouldn’t fix the game, but it would definitely help.


I think maybe they’re throwing these boosts at us to buy to get to tier 10 faster. And even if they aren’t, at that tier, everything is back to how it was unboosted. Thors will be slower than your faster dinos etc. just a different number instead of 109 speed it will be 159. Just an example.

1 and 3 (plus separate leader board) would do it for me; DC I can live with since its last nerf especially if there was a no-boost arena.


I’d be happy if they returned to the 1.6 mm and trophy algorithm (mm based on current trophy count with a +/- 450 limit).

No further complaints from me!


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This is the game life of anyone unwilling to spend thousands of dollars on boosts nowadays, unfortunately. Adjust your priorities if you’re not willing to make Ludia rich. Boosts are never going away. Ludia makes WAY too much money off of them.

Thousands? I’ve spent like 30 bucks on all the boosts I want. It’s called tapjoy

Matchmaking putting a level 23 dinosaur against a Thor that is 5 levels higher and 150 speed?

Yep seems about right, matchmaking working as intended.

See the matchmaking is designed to make your team feel so weak so that it makes you want to buy boosts to improve your team.

That being said, are you all still surprised that Lydia hasn’t fixed matchmaking yet?

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Pretty sure I faced this exact same Thor. Did the player pull out the boosted lvl 27 Rat? And then when you try to kill rat it escapes and send in the boosted Tryko counter 0-3

Get used to it… cause I’m at the Library, 5300 trophies with a level 25-26 team, and it’s Thor 28 or 29 every battle… No exaggeration here, it’s EVERY-FREAKING-BATTLE!.. If not, it’s because it was not selected, but when I go take a look at the team, there it is!.. Thor 28/29… And I don’t have to say anything about the Dracos at similar levels… And the rest of their teams? Usually at levels 24, 25…

You know, this game really is full of crap, but the players don’t help at all. Too many of them doing the exact same things, it’s so disgusting… but then again, that’s also Ludia’s fault for giving away thousands of Sino DNA for half a year…


The matchmaking is designed so you always feel weak and thus need to spend on boosts.

Ask yourself this: How many times since the change to matchmaking were YOU the one massively more powerful? I bet not very often.

Soon as I noticed this scummy tactic I stopped arena, im not going to allow myself to be exploited.

They WANT our teams to feel weak, so we think “Oh if I buy boosts or level my team ill be a bit stronger!”…so you buy boosts or level your team and the matchmaking see this and puts STRONGER enemy, so then you think “Oh I need more boosts”…rinse and repeat till rich.

They really are scummy!


Just my 2 scents…even during late 1.7 I was hovering around 5300 trophies. At the time it was just around rank 500. Then matchmaking hit me hard. Then 1.8 arrived. Dropped as low as 4500+. Even more recently I was around 4600 trophies facing teams 1000 trophies higher. I have plenty of screen shots. Today I am around 4850. I have not even faced a team below my trophy count for the entire life of 1.8…as a matter of fact, I have not even faced a team from the Aviary ever since they created the new arenas. This is just my observation, but why and how do all those 5600 teams get to fight teams 1000 trophies lower? Why am I not even facing a team from my arena. These are not complaints, only questions.


Because if they put you against fair opponents with a good chance of winning you won’t feel the need to buy boosts.

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Amen to that @Stiffeno