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Ludia, are you really not seeing damage you just made with boosts?

Your boosts are going to ruin the game within a few months of their implementation. I’m upset and frustrated that I wasted over a year of my time and money on your game and now I have to leave because it is totally unplayable with Thors, Trykos, Tryos and other dinos with 160-200 speed. That game had a huge potential and bright future. There is no turning back until the boosts system is removed and then reworked version added to the game. I strongly recommend changing % on how much you can boost dinos i.e. max 10% increase in hp/attack. Speed boosts should never be part of this game.

I did learn my lesson in this process to not waste time and money on any mobile game and never get so dedicated to it. I just cancelled my VIP.


Short term profits vs. long term game.



Agree’d, I quit a little over a week ago and I too have been playing since release.


Lydia just grab tons of $$ this morning from that alliance when unlimited health and damage is available in store.


Same feeling here. Just canceled my vip account too.:sweat:


100% agreed, can’t complete anymore. Cancelled vip but still going to hang around a while Asmara strictly free to play and seem if Ludia can save this ship from sinking.

If not, we’ll then it’s a non issue coz the game will be finished anyways!

My Thor soloed an entire team earlier tonight without taking any damage thanks to crits.
Enemy player used THREE abilities the whole match - Evasion, cloak and ready to crush.

I felt like a dog after it, which give that I won 3 - 0, just goes to show there is a problem.

You should feel good to win a match, not sad!


I agree totally we’re done as well, the idea of boosts was and could still be a great addition to the game, if implemented correctly, I mean you’ve even got jumbo rats running around the arena at 4500 health and 145 speed !!! It’s ridiculous.
Unfortunately it’s all about the £££$$$$€€€ for ludia


I agree too, why should we hunt now, just unlock a unique, then boost it, no matter what’s the level of the dino of your opponent in arena, just boost it at max and np, the game is now not about a smart gameplay, but about who is the more boost, this is just sad for people who hunt many hours to max their dino to 30, then fight against lower dino faster and stronger…


No sense playing this game any more. This boosts thing has finally broken it. Bye JWA


The boost idea was ok, just over done it.
It should be just a ONCE or TWICE usage, and getting it from supply drop as a “special drop”.
Once after using them, all stats back to original.
And it shouldn’t be too easy to get it, that would be fun and exciting to have.
For that, the boost stat can be slightly higher, since is not permanent.

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The idea is good but I’m against any speed boosts in the game. HP/Attack/Armour boosts are fine but with reasonable 10%-15%, never 25%-100%. Even 10% could make Thor as fast as Gorgosuchus or other dinos with 120 speed.