Ludia are you serious?

Well I don’t know how to interpret this… The pass offers DNA from Giganyx creatures that have just undergone a big buff and then they put on a Giganyx tournament so that we can unlock it? Do you want to destroy low level arenas when PvP is already lame enough?


Yeah I noticed this too. It’s too much Giga dna.


Yea give us coins!


They should just make the rewards based on player level like they do everything else. The pass DNA is too much for earlygame but lowering it would be too little for lategame, so basing the rewards on level would be the easiest option to fixing the issue.


i think they want everyone to pay for it so that they don’t fall behind.


Why complain about free stuff? Just level scale it if you’re complaining about lower levels having it. This time the free pass adds up to 150 giganyx dna. So it’s not even a guaranteed unlock anyway.

The lower arenas are already a joke with Rexy and Thor running around. Loads of people with 21 Thors accompanied by a team of other lv16-18 dinos.


my alt cant even stay in badlands anymore, and i KNOW it could do it otherwise. whenever i dont face rexy or thor, i win. no matter what, if i face rexy, i lose…


That’s where my friend is right now. They’re not sure if to continue playing, partly because of that, and partly because of the multi-fusion being locked until level 14 (they’re only level 11, but they’re growing tired of spamming the fuse button).


Hey, tell them at least it’s not level 17 anymore

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Heck, tell them to be glad there IS a multi-fuse option now! RIP level 30 suchotator one fuse at.a.time!


I will interpret it for you. They want as many players possible to spend coins on this creature to level it. Then they want everybody to put boost on it. Everybody plays it, then people will complain about it. Now there is a good chance for them to claim “that to make people happy, they will nerf it”. Oh and of course they will do so with absolutely no compensation.
This is a frequent pattern. 4 years in.


and the tournament

They’ve probably figured out that the sooner they get new players end game (for the most part) creatures the sooner those players might be willing to spend money buying boosts for said end game creatures. Considering how much DNA they sell, and how much must be made through sanctuaries (exclusives anyone?) darting is a long process, and that keeps newer players from opening their wallets ASAP.

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and most importantly, last season we were all given a free Thor and this season 150 Giganix DNA and an alliance tournament in which a maximum of 50 DNA will be taken for some or pay to get Giganix completely.And rexy

So lets get this right… this month’s prize has ZERO Apex DNA… and you have to pay to get the other two boost tokens!!! I Don’t think so…


was there ever apex dna in the last one? I only recall the morty skin

No not last time, but I had hoped they’d dangle a carrot this time since no Rexy dna :slight_smile:

In the grand pass be 150 morti dna

I agree but am excited because it will be good for my team