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Ludia Bot in Alliances

Then I say bot I don’t refer to a player-account controlled by a bot, and done so purposefully to play / grind / automate (by a outside party(a person)). I’m referring to a bot controlled persona(Icon, name, rank, etc… ) in the Alliances purposely put there by Ludia to inflate the player bass and making it seem like more players are active. Why is this a problem then? Because this give you the illusion of a community, you feel associated to them( and you are less likely to quite the game) because you are in the belief they are real ppl. This is emotional manipulation( if it is true) and bloody dark. I do only consider this because Ludia is such a cynical gambling co. I hope I can bring this possibility to the minds of others. I hope this can be disproven, but the nature of the Alliances makes this difficult. To our help, there isen’t much besides the Turing test. That is, if one can get them to talk in the first place, as it is not a requirement for Alliances (nor a possibility between players). To have some member that dose not talk at all is not strange considering there are 50 ppl and forcing all to talk on a regular basses is not really fun(, but it would not be strange to aske them to say, confirm there not bots). What do you think, am I a conspiracies-nut-job how just don’t trust co.s or is this to scary to think about?

Besides that, I haven’t been to active here again so has this come up before? Is it debunked by a law or confirmed admin comment? Please tell me.
Also I hope you have noticed that every time you lose twice in row you are faced agents a particularly bad player with an unusual team comp, that if you win(I really hope you do) you get reworded 40 p. It is typical to see dinos never really used in meta but at an proportionell leveled to your ranking. Would the internal scoring system of dinos strength be perfect, they would only be visibel due to there questionable and suspicious choices. And the names! They don’t exist in the recently played list, under friends. That is for me a confirmation. I hope you se why this is manipulating. The fact that they do it here tells me they would morally be able to do it in Alliances too.

Best rigards Dys

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In other conspiracies, Elvis is living on the moon!


The whole bot in pvp is no sercret… its been around since forver and where the main opponents during season 2 for the top players… and yes i believe these bots are implemented to help hide this games lower pop.

Could Ludia put bots in alliances… but that would require a different program… as you stated the pvp bots dont show up as recent opponents. So im not sure they could even interact with the alliance tab. Even the bots ui functions different then ours as they are able to pull multiple copies of the same dino something Ludia has never bothered to address.

Seems like more work when they can just post a tapjoy offer to “join an alliance” and get the same results