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Ludia can u change this?

I know there‘s a big topic about it but I was wondering whether I could ask u directly.

So this banner appears quite often when I play the game and due to the problems u had, my alliance will get the incs with Tenonto and Tarbo.
But thing is, I don‘t need these. I desperately need Grypo DNA and Dilophosaurus and I won‘t get it.

Are u able to change it for those players who ask for it?
I‘d even give back the DNA I received.

They said there’s nothing they can do, we’ll have to wait for next week.

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they are busy preparing exciting thing for us (and for their bank account), and there’s no peple in team left to fix minor issues.
“thank you for your cooperation.”

Damn. This really makes me angry. So unfair imo. I guess I‘ll end up at 240/250 on Grypolyth and the missing DNA will be that from the lost week. :woman_shrugging:

They said they can’t but promised exciting news coming to smoke and mirror it.