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Ludia, can we get a response?

  1. Alpha issues, we need some type of hotfix for this. Give alphas more hp or nerf the damage or create higher level alphas we don’t care just DO SOMETHING! People are quite literally leaving main clans because 10* alphas are dying within hours.

  2. Breedery: people are pulling way too many 5*s which is an issue for the longevity of your game, do you plan on nerfing breedery rates? It seems from the previous thread much of the community likes the higher rates, and the overwhelming consensus is that the breedery rates pre-update were too low. Can we create some type of middle ground or at the very minimum disable speed breeding til this gets figured out?

  3. Alpha bugs, people starting with 6 energy, others having bugs in the board not seeing tiles etc.

  4. IOS players are still upset about the wait and lack of communication from the update. I understand it’s an apple thing, but the least you could do is acknowledge IOS players specifically for patience in the update.

If I left anything off feel free to suggest, but these problems should be addressed asap. At the very minimum give us some type of statement with your plans for the future or an ETA for a hotfix so we at least have something to look forward to. Literally any communication would be nice



You already created one thread entitled “Breeding odds causing P2W” where you voiced your thoughts and got input from over 20 people.

The take away you got from all those posts was to eliminate speed breeding?

Most people in the previous discussion didn’t say anything about speed breeding or for that matter eliminating speed breeding.

You edited your own post with the following “I have a solution; COMPLETELY GET RID OF SPEED BREEDING.”

And now you create this thread to restate your “solution”.

I agree that Ludia needs to fix the Alphas, fix the bugs, and fix iOS deployment. However, I do not agree that Ludia should eliminate speed breeding.

I also don’t see a problem with new breeding odds. Neither do most of the people that responded to your previous post.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, you summarized a discussion that does not accurately represent what people were writing.

Perhaps it would have been better if you started a thread like “Should we eliminate speed breeding” and then get players thoughts on the subject.


In no way did I summarize it by saying eliminate speed breeding - although in my own opinion it’s a good solution.

I said the consensus is people like the new rates, and that the breeding rates pre-update were too low, which are both true statements based on my previous thread, so I don’t believe your accusations have merit.

The breeding rates are broken right now, I know not one but multiple people who have pulled 3 murmurs since the update. A few peoples bad luck doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be addressed.

I myself have pulled five (got shifty today)

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That just means you, and the others that have gotten lots of 5* from breeding have better RNG luck than others. I’ve been breeding since the update and all I get are 3 stars, with I think one exception of a 4 star, even with a full boost.

A few people’s good luck doesn’t mean that breeding is broken.


It’s not just a few people

The previous discussion “Breeding odds causing P2W” was not about speed breeding or the elimination of speed breeding.

A lot of people took time to write their opinion on the new breeding odds and its impact on P2W.

Some people like them and some people hate them.

You took what was said and came up with your own “solution” to eliminate speed breeding.

You edited your own post with the following statement “EDIT: After reading and responding to everyone’s comments I think I have a solution; COMPLETELY GET RID OF SPEED BREEDING.”

That is NOT what people were talking about.

You keep stating “The breeding rates are broken right now”. That is not a statement of fact it is an opinion. It is an opinion that you may hold true but it is not shared by most of the people that responded to your previous thread.


The breeding odds are ABSOLUTELY normal, there’s nothing to change


Funny thing is, I got a lot of 5 star dragons in my hatching before the update. But now there are no dragons of five stars. How will you explain this?

@TheDragonSlayer Lol, Absolutely! :joy:

@Lagrow : you just created an entire thread because you don’t understand how leveling of dragons works and you think that mechanic should be faster and easier. Of course you like the new insanely high breeding odds where everyone will have every dragon within 3 months. Ugh painful.

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I know, that using 10 dragons of same color, as leveling dragon, gives more % to improve ability. I do it but there’s sometimes no result and it’s annoying.
I’ve got only one 5* and one 4* after update, some players are getting nothing, and if some players are very lucky it doesn’t mean that all players have this luck.


Only one 5* yikes how many 5*s do you think we should be getting each week?

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I did not represent my proposed solution as a summary of what anyone else said, it is a suggestion I made based on what others said. My own opinion.

Of course it’s not fact, I never said it was. It’s all relative. I’m sure some people want a 5* every week and think that those odds are not broken. In that case might as well start handing hybrid 5*s out in alpha chests too

So, what’s reason to play this game if you can’t get that you want? There won’t be progress for F2P players, because they couldn’t even get 4*.


Basically what’s gonna happen is all the F2P/more casual players will end up leaving the game to the point where there isn’t a sustainable player base because the <1% of the population cries about breeding odds being too high and it will all end up with the <1% asking what happened to the precious pixel game.


It is really funny that some lucky people got a lot of 5 star after the update and they are trying to ask Ludia reduce the breeding odds, so those unlucky one won’t be able to get 5* dragon easier in the future.

Would those people who got 5 star and complaining the increasing odds be willing to hand their 5 star back to Ludia? Since they wouldn’t get those dragons if the odds didn’t be increased.


A few people’s good luck also shouldn’t mean a change!


I’m 100% f2p and as you can see: I could get a 4 star. There is not one dragon I got from late breeding since I avoid speed breeding atm, saving my runes for Thanksgiving Meatlug.
Main supply of 4 stars (and therefore better chances on 5 stars by breeding): Alpha chests level 7 and plus. Such a precious gift that’s very hard to get now since Alphas are broken by insanely high damage of each hit and lots of bugs …


wow nice, how many times do u use rune to draft ?


Once for a Friday 10+1 draft to get my Bombwelter, and I guess I did like 4-6 single drafts on Legendary Weekends, got a SoS dupe there etc. Since my event dragons are strong enough I can handle most node with premium token rewards, I got 3 of my 4 non-event 5 stars from premium tokens and 1 from breeding. Most specific 4 star dupes (Bombwelter, Revenger, Gyll) were breeding results but I got a lot of 4 stars via Alpha chests (Tricky accidentally got his dupes from there).

No matter if I’m concerned the breeding odds might be too high in the long term, the most urgent issues in my opinion are

  • Alpha balancing
  • Alpha board bug needs to be fixed
  • Discrepancy between clients bugs in Arena needs to be fixed

and it would be nice if Ludia fulfilled their promise to lower the hybrid duty to one breeding session instead of two.