Ludia,, Can we PLEASE get 3 days to catch featured commons?

I don’t need 3 days to catch 9 Epics,.,.,.,., but 2 days is too short a time for me to get the 36 commons I want.


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plenty of time for me. i guess its all about time and location. maybe you dont have enough stops to get your dinos at in time?

So glad you’re doing great!

Honestly with the amount of supply drops that are currently around for the rares of this week, we need more days on the rares if anything… lol
Or as i suggested on another topic, make all dinos available on a single event drop and allow us to choose which we want to dart. Its the best solution, I think.

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or get rid of the time between respawn and instaspawn them as soon as you finish darting. theyve done that before with brachi and the apple store event in canada.


@Pateradactyl that is also a good idea, although you wouldnt know which would be available after, so being able to choose which one to dart makes sense along with the instaspawn! lol
And something else is to have the dinos disappear once you have completed the event. It is so frustrating to open the game and see rares/epics on the map only to remember and realize that theyre from event drops :joy::joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: But you cant dart since you completed the amount of chances at it lol


they would spawn the same dino for the hour like now but instaspawn. either way, there needs to be an improvement.

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Yes, that is basically it, the whole idea just needs an improvement lol maybe they’ll eventually come around to fixing it

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Bring stops back to parks. I used to be able to go to a park and finish all my attempts within a day or two. Now its a dice roll as to whether ill have green supply stops around or 30 of the same strike tower.

Also if anything rares need 3 days before commons.

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yeah def rares should be 3. i find myself trying to finish up Friday before 9 since thats my day off lol.

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How about with lessen park? Or it take a 2 hour to go to nearest park?

They need to do both. Have parks with green supply stops and have random ones to help everyone.


It depends, by walking is very difficult, but by driving or taking public transit is much easier. For commons I usually dart whatever I see.

I prefer the extra time for epics. Let’s me avoid storms and even just rain.

Plus its only 9 epics because its so many days. It’ll be 6 with 2 days and 3 with 1 day. Extra day for commons less epic chances is bad.

It would help if it wasn’t a 6 hour respawn time. Is that really necessary when you get limited attempts anyway?

I want not to increase common dino days but to increase green zones for them. Its weird that the more chances you have to dart you see less spawn zones. Like for common they are less (at-least for me) so much harder to reach max attempts. For Rare it increased higher than common with less chances to catch and with Epics to me they are many more with only 9 chances at them.

Really needs to increase common spawn/green-supply drop to let players reach max attempts better.

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