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Ludia can you stop doing Ludia things?

Raid bosses were supposed to be more plentiful out of convenience for the users in game. What happened?! Last week there was one day I had zero raids in range. Today, once again no raid bosses.

Don’t get me started on the green supply towers either. A couple weeks ago. You had almost too many green towers. But that was a one week anomaly. What I’ve noticed as the norm are very few green towers to dart event dinos. I have to drive MILES just to find dinos that I need.

This is today… this is just one direction but trust me… this is what I see in every direction little to no bosses and maybe 3 or 4 green towers out of 53 towers in eye sight. I have 9 towers in my own range with no green and no raid boss.

C’mon Ludia help a brother out!


I think this was meant to be under JWA Forum.

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It was supposed to be sorry. I don’t post as much as I used to on the forums. Not sure if there’s a way for me to move it there now?

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I think one of the Moderators have done it for you already. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry to hear about this, Jvzimmer. I will forward your feedback to our team.

I have the same issues regarding green towers. I live in berlin. I had too many green towers on valentines week and now… none

Hey Ned thanks… just an FYI… no raid bosses in range for a second consecutive day. Did Ludia remove the extra raid bosses perk that was added not long ago?

I know people had complained there weren’t enough around and they listened and gave us more accessibility to raid bosses.

It appears that perk is gone. While we had that perk I had two raid bosses in range almost everyday.

This is a third time within a week I have no raid bosses! So disappointing… esp with all the real money I pump into the game.

Also… out of 53 total towers in eyesight, I currently see only 2 green towers!

51 orange towers and 2 green! Hahaha how are we supposed to dart event dinos with so few opportunities?!?!

In my own personal range, I have 0 green and that is also for a second consecutive day.

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Not a single raid boss in my VIP circle again :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I noticed it to and so did my alliance buddies. It wil get even worse in April if the circle shrinks because Ludia withdraws the covid changes

Agreed. By April we will have had the expanded radius for a year. I refuse to pay for VIP to get the extra distance back when the expanded radius as it is does not even guarantee a raid boss.

(I cancelled VIP in February in response to the consecutive weeks of Ludia Ludiaing the event calendar and won’t be subscribing again)

I had 5 days in a row with no raid boss. Cmon Ludia…

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What makes you think they will withdraw the changes? It’s just extended until April 1st, like it has been extended 10 times before.

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I just hope you’re right.

Me too, otherwise I can never get the collect dart achievements :wink:

I think they will keep the circle because if they change it everyone will be mad also why would they change it if we have raid bosses now

And it will be hard to get the bosses if you circle is small than what it is already.

Any idea how to get the boss to let go of a supply drop?

I can’t get to a battle, because every time I click on it, it grabs the boss. Even when he’s walked completely away from it.