Ludia, can you tell us if we're getting a boost reset?

With the changes to creatures, I (and I’m fairly certain I’m not alone) think an option to reset boosts on our creatures is more crucial than ever. Without this option, the opportunity cost to try out the new hybrids or creatures you’ve buffed you’ve made is too high, not to mention people who have sunk a lot of boosts into Dinos that have lost a lot of their viability now being stuck with sub-par options. It would be great if this would be a permanent option that we could always select so that we can try out fun new teams in the arena at any time, but at the very least, having this possibility every new update is of vital importance to make sure the arena doesn’t get stale


If ludia add something like this in, I don’t think that they’ll give you an option. Most probably, their going to reset all boosts that you have spent, instead of you manually resetting them yourself

They should have it but to limitations. I don’t think eveyone should be able to change every dinos boosts. Maybe reset 1 per week if needed or a reset applied to each dino 1-2 time only type of deal . Most dinos you’ll keep using even after some updates But resets in some shape or form would be nice. I think most could agree .:+1:

We’re talking manual resets put into the game…


Sorry, but I hope they don’t. People who invested in the rat shall be punished. Muahahaha


It’s hardly a punishment. Anyone that boosted lots in attack on the rat still have significant damage, it’s still a very viable dino in the arena. If people think this is the end of the rat i think they are wrong.


Lol… if you can’t re-distribute dna from fused hybrids, why would you assume resetting boosts is an option. This whole idea of manual reset was conceived by the players and never commented on by Ludia. Don’t expect it to happen.


Definitely not the end, but a higher opportunity cost for th invested boost.

But as everyone has said, it is slightly easier to counter. Dio and Tryko ( of course) will be strong against it. Anything with swap in shield or Invisibility (which sometimes are quite frequent in lower arena’s) can counter it. So can swap in distraction and swap in stun. If you have a shield up that helps. Some newer hybrids like Carnotarkus and Dsungia which have a bit of armour can counteract it. Yeah,it is still going to be viable, no doubt about it, but there are more ways to counter it now

Yeah I think people are over estimating the nerf to the Rat. It actually gained attack and still does 2X SI dmg. Basically only got nerfed against tryko, dioraja, and few scattered tanks people still use.

I’ve fought rats that do 4000 SI dmg and have 5000 health, so you can’t even one shot them. If they had nerfed the SI to a strike or impact or removed the rejeuv that would’ve been better

Yeah but i’m in Ruins/Lockwood bouncing between them for now, and I never see anyone really use invincibility. Now i’ve wondered whether that’s because it’s seen as a waste of time because there’s a good chance DC will be swapped in, or if it’s a waste of time often when many have the likes of Thor.

Also not to mention the greater rendering counter. My Puru has smashed many shields on its counter and carnotarkus will be the same.

DC’s nerf will mostly be effective against tanks, but is the change enough to bring back a tank meta… maybe not.

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Nicw to know someone have the same problem as me, stuck between ruins and Lockwood. Thing is though, I use both Koolab and Stgydaryx, so this kind of plays to my advantage as I have yet another counter to it

And your right that it won’t bring back the tank meta, not with Thor and Tryko

I reached Aviary for one battle and one battle only, then slowly went back down to Ruins and now bounce between that and Lockwood.

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It’s all about money!

Here’s one of Ludia’s Supported Bots!:thinking::roll_eyes::japanese_ogre:

I think maybe paying in game cash for a reset for all dinos every once in a while wouldn’t be so bad.

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@Jake_Tuason How is battling AI in Sorna Marshes all bout the money?

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I dunno.
If I reset my boosts, they would all go right back to Draco.
It’s Indo I want drained and mothballed.
Dracocera is on my team till 1.9 minimum.

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