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Ludia cheat quit the game everyone

as the title they clearly drive all duels and even some explore or dungeon run

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I Wonder If It’s How They Say It is,
A Rotten :apple: Will Spoil The Whole Bunch?

SweetShay… friend… buddy… take a breath! :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, but just ignore him if you can’t stand it. Please.

I know… I know. Still. I think you should let it go.

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Honestly, I haven’t noticed any ‘cheating’. Tell ya what. Keep track of every crit and miss you make and every one made against you. Do it for… oh… 10-20 battles. Then let us know.

If you think there’s something hinky going on, put together some numbers.

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Sorry​:joy::grin: I’ll Try An Do Better :pray:
It Was True Tho!!! LOL


YOU Want The Truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!:rofl:Love That Movie!:grin:

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If Anyone Want Too :eyes: Just Ask! LOL, The Best Parts Got Taken Out! LOL :grin:

Huh? You still talking about the movie?

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No, What Was Removed!!! LOL :grin: Issss Just Be Honest!!!:grin:

There’s a link on each of those fabulously crafted replies of yours that let us see your rhetoric in all its glory. :wink:

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Wonderful, Thanks For Letting Me In On That Kazoo :+1:
I Did Not Know That, Ha, There It Is Again Lol, You Learn Something New Everyday!
Like The Name By The Way! Kazoo :+1:

Thanks! Most people who know me just call me Kaz.

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Well, Thanks Again For That Important Input Mr. Kaz!!!

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