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Ludia come one; just fix the bugs already!

Like this should not be happening it’s been almost a year guys and this bug is still in the game. ( if your wondering what glitch it is it’s that dumb purple haze glitch) It’s happened 5 match in a row and this time (try 6) it happened three times in the match! First when I was waiting for a match, second when I choose the creatures, and third when Thor came in. Like :man_facepalming:

And I barley won through sheer luck but seriously like this is unacceptable especially that if I had lost it would have counted Against me even though I had no control over the situation.

So let’s focus less on new features/gimmicks and more on fixing bugs and glitches pls

Also no it wasn’t the connection cause it’s been like this all morning and it’s stable and works well in other apps and games

I’m absolutely sure that Ludia servers don’t like WiFi no matter how good it is.

I have the same issues as the op.

Same with chat and everything disappearing from the map.

Seems much worse when using WiFi than when I’m out and about using 4g

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I’m using 4G and even that gets about same amounts of arena disconnections as WiFi. Signal’s at its peak all the time though. And tournaments for some reason get the most disconnects.

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Seems like the arena is a glitchy mess today. Trying to use Emojis breaks the game for me

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Thyla has cloak?

Just guessing it’s thyla since a bunch of people use it

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That does sound frustrating, Thylo_75. Our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Please reach out to them at Don’t forget to include your device information as well as your support key as it helps them locate your account faster. Thank you!

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C’mon @Thylo_75, you know this is not happening.

Strange @Schtemty, I actually get MUCH better gameplay on WiFi than I do on 4G cell. Cell always acts up, especially when darting. Darting is so glitchy on cell service I am lucky if I can get 150 DNA.

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I can dream man I can dream! :rofl:

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