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Ludia, could you drastically increase the friends list, or better, eliminate it altogether?

Let’s face it, now that raids are a thing, 100 friends isn’t enough. It’s a pain in the rear to add friends, and then delete them so you can raid with different people, then add them again, especially since the game is seriously broken and freezes almost every time you try to add friends or access the friends lists particularly when trying to invite individuals to raids. An even better system would be to eliminate the friends list altogether and simply input the ign of the person you are inviting when you click on the boxes to fill spaces for a raid. This would eliminate the need to add and subtract people, as well as the frustrating process of friends lists that simply won’t load, passing lobbies to people who have all the people on the list who are trying to raid together, etc (which is all a pain… a real pain). This would be especially helpful for leaders and veterans of discord groups who carry raids for many, many people. Also… who in the world enjoys wasting an hour or more trying to navigate the buggy friends list system?! Yes, this has happened, just for ONE raid battle.

If you can’t eliminate the friends list, at least increase it to a minimum of 500 people, a search by name or alliance feature, and have it actually work so those of us who play regularly and help others are not waiting for hours just to do a few raids due to a horribly buggy system.

Please consider this, Ludia. It would make the game playing experience so much better!


Increase the friends list? LMAO. The friends list causes major issues when you have even 50 friends on the list. I don’t see them increasing it.

I just raid within my alliance. That works fine.


This is why I would much prefer the FL be done away with altogether. You should just be able to type in the ign of the player you want to raid with, rather than try and force a glitchy friends list system that doesn’t load half the time.

I raid within my alliance and with friends outside my alliance. I’ve mad a lot of online pals as a result of this game, and I like to be able to raid with people I know, even if they are not in my alliance

So do I, and I have 47 other people from different alliances on my friends list (gotta stay below 50 so it doesn’t act up). However, several people I know don’t automatically have alliance members show up in their invite list like I do; they actually have to friend every single person they want to raid with even if they share an alliance. The whole system is a buggy mess.