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Ludia created Bumpy 9 years ago?

So I was scrolling through the Jurassic facebook as you do and I saw this!!!image

It’s been so long I didn’t know if it was real or not, so I searched up some videos and it is 100% legit!
image image
The max level variant resembles Bumpy more.
If Bumpy is based off the Jurassic Park Builder model, that has to be the coolest Easter egg ever! Now it’s just time to wait for Bumpy to hopefully arrive in JWA! :crossed_fingers:


My goodness if bumpy was actually based off this it would be amazing!!! Man I miss that game, didn’t get to play much nor did I get very far but it was awesome, and I also hope they add bumpy as well as other iconic dinos to the game in the future


Maybe they’ll add “the Easter Bumpy” for Easter as a special event?


Bumpy apex raid boss lol


A flashback of my park, I miss it bitterly…:sob::sob::sob:

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We need bumpy in jurassic world the game and jurassic world alive
Jurassic world the game as a gen 2
Jurassic world alive as a unique creature like the raptor squad


I bet they’ll make ankylosaurus gen 2 the ankylosaurus gen 2 pattern from Jurassic World Alive and Jurassic World the game. But maybe as a call back to Jurassic Park Builder, it starts to look like Bumpy at level 21-40?