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LUDIA : Daily friendly challenges is a total FAILURE!

LUDIA i have spoken to a heck of a lot of people / players of this game and we all agree on one major point.>>>> * Daily friendly challenges * ( defense training / play the required amount of battles = 0/12 ) are completely broken and DO NOT WORK at all!
The end result of this being that thousands ( 1,000s ) of players world wide are not going to be able to complete the daily challenge at all because of this major bug / glitch within the game.
Seriously this needs fixing please as quickly as possible or it will become pointless even doing the daily challenges each player faces to gain the free DNA reward offered for completing all of the daily assigned tasks within the 24 hour time frame allotted to finish / complete them !.!
Please see pictures of the problem i mentioned above attached below !!


Yeah most of the time i try they don’t work either. And I know the other person was accepting the challenge cause they tried challenging me Just a few seconds later. And even after accepting the challenge It didn’t work.


I tried myself a staggering 218 times over a period of 17 plus hours to complete the daily tasks to get the free DNA rewards but after that many attempts with little or no success I said to hell with the stupid thing and ignored it completely missing out on the free DNA offered for that days challenges !!

I dunno, never had a problem with it; just finished a friendly just now.

Not saying your problems aren’t just, it may just be something that’s better resolved by submitting an email w/ your support key so they can take a look.

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Somedinoguy: over 20 plus member’s of our alliance group are all having the same problem and we are spread out across the world so it is not just a local problem it is a global problem !!


my alliance is having difficulty to finish alliance friendly task.
we try again and again and can’t battle each other. and i can’t battle with friends outside alliance too.


I friendly battle myself and it helps if I have a freshly killed and reloaded game… but not always.

Once I get it working, I can battle 3 times in a row and then each account disappears from seeing each other and I have to kill and reload the game again to do 3 more.

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I have never had a problem doing 12 battles a day I probably do double that just cause I enjoy battling ya sure I have have some issues and some glitches but really it’s not a big deal to have to reload a game a couple times a day

We took 1 day to complete tier 5’s friendly task. That was after “getting” close to 300 battles counted as done due to timeouts and mystery failures.

Ludia has to stop making the battle side of defense missions so frustrating to do. Its hard enough without Ludia making campaign battles not count after you complete them once. Now friendlies are buggy and arena is 10 flavours of anger-inducing.

Ludia needs to make alliance missions less grind and more fun. That will keep players hooked longer since the community will be there to soothe their anger and help them when in need.


Wow 3 times? Usually it happens every 2 times for me. Sometimes halfway through my frist request it goes blank.

I always do the strike Towers to get most of my battles done for that.

I don’t know how Ludia can make this a part of achieving goals, daily or team, when it doesn’t work. I tried 10 matches yesterday and only 1 actually worked. It is incredibly broken. The GooglePlay error is in spite of the fact that I am not using GooglePlay to sign in.

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If I thought giving them my support key would even matter, I would do it, but this issue is systemic and long-term. They have to fix the entire feature themselves to resolve whatever this is, and clearly they’re not in a hurry about it.


Again i am faced by this problem and everyone else in our alliance is also facing the very same problem as me … well today we all ( all 50 members of the alliance ) are on the verge of saying to hell with daily challenges period ! how are we supposed to complete them ( daily challenges = dna, supply drops, incubators etc etc ) when one major section of the daily challenges is so completely broken it may as well be a pile of building rubble for all we care … we are getting so sick & tired of getting hundreds and hundreds of pop up messages of * match timed out, that challenges is no longer available etc that if this problem is not fixed and fixed soon then we as an alliance have come to the consensus ( conclusion ) that we refuse to do anymore of the daily tasks until this absolutely broken game mechanic is fixed permanently !

Yup, just like pretty much everyone else said, this is ridiculous. Attempted over 100 friendly battles yesterday and maybe 20 of those were playable?


What are friendly battles good for?
Why would Lydia break them?
Too easy to get battles done?

My g/f and I do friendly challenges for our alliance. It’s bizarre but sometimes even if we don’t connect and battle, the battles still count.

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Today completing my last 10 battles after only 2 single strike towers, I didn’t have any friendly battles not start. On my Ipad, I would get an error message but it would still go through and I could do my friendly battles. As usual, I can only do 3 before having to reboot the game because my two accounts disappear from seeing each other as though they aren’t on.

Something to try, it might just have been luck on my part.

Was doing FB to complete missions, we needed 40. After a battle, my opponent’s name would not show up on top of the friends list. My game showed no one online. I would go into the “My Friends” tab and scroll to find their name, it shows them as offline. Click on it, it brings up the menu and “Friendly Challenge” is one of the options. I click that and it challenges them. I had great success connecting very rapidly every time using this method.

Rebooting and using the upper part of the “My Friends” tab, where it shows them as active, would hang and time out. The battles I could get using the regular method would take a long time to connect.

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re all having trouble with the friendly challenge feature. Please rest assured that our team is aware and they’re looking into this issue.

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