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Ludia deliberately reduce green supply drops when they feature meta-relevant dinosaurs

  • “Next week is going to be awesome!”
  • “We are finally getting those elusive dilo g2 and rare dilo!”
  • “I’ll be finally close enough to unlock dilora!”

Well, I saw this coming. So much hype yesterday right after we found out the featured dinos for the week… But as soon as the event started… “where did all the green supply drops go?”

This is a consistent trend that I’ve been observing since I started playing. Every time there is/are meta relevant dinosaurs, the number of green supplies drops dramatically.
Last two weeks we had irrelevant dinos no one cared about. I had 5 green drops in a range of 300m. Today I can see 2 drops in a range of 500m, one every kilometre when you move from highly populated areas.
At first though it would be random, but it is not. It only happens when the dinos are relevant. It’s clearly premeditated.

Thanks Ludia, I’m taking a pass this week. I though I would spend more time playing, but you forced me to do the opposite and close the app until Wednesday. I’ll check again on Wed. If there is an unfair distribution of supplies I will close the game again.

If you make the game unplayable, I won’t play it. It’s as simple as that.


Yeah, they are so greedy that all they think about is money. So they won’t give you dino you want the most for free, they want you to buy them.

They are the best devs in making players mad, that’s for sure.


Wow! How did I never think of this? This conspiracy is obviously the answer!

Or maybe you’re just trying to think of an excuse.


Good thing I live near like 2 huh.

I have around 30 stops i can see from my house… plus an intesections which lets me look at another 20… normally i can see atleast 4 green stops from my house and another 4 from the intersection.

Today i can see one from my house… and zero from the intersection.


I now have 0 Green Cubes in my neighborhood.

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I can see 7 without even leaving my house…Don’t hate the player…

45 stops I can see and 0 green…


So what do you think the purpose of their evil scheme is? AFAIK you can’t pay to put a green supply drop on your house.


I hunt pretty casually and I never struggled to hit the limit. The bigger problem from my perspective is that the most important dinosaurs are the hardest to find, if their distribution is random this should not be the case every single time


You think you’ll hit 48 Dilo Gen 2s by Tuesday?

I’ve gotten 8 so far.

Some of the people remind me of a guy I work with.
I was discussing how I traded my car in for a new one, and the trade value.

Turns out, he traded in recently too.

They gave him more for his car in trade in, than he paid for it new. Those cars are just that in demand, and that’s how he rolls.

I’ve noticed a decrease in green drops in my area.

I guess they migrated elsewhere.

Usually a good 30’ish % of the drops are green for me. Today they’re all orange except for 2 at the park down the road. There are 9 total stops in that park.

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Facts: Last two weeks all green drops. Move the view and you got same picture from every angle. Today… only two drops at the park (you know, in parks they don’t rotate). This is a personal study going on for months. It’s a consistent trend…


While it obviously varies from area to area I am seeing a massive reduction in drops this week … massive. I have several villages nearby where I often go to hunt and a number of routes that are good for traversing at least a dozen drops - today there is one if I am lucky and more often than not there is nothing even standing under it. Don’t have the time or inclination to travel 100s of miles.

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My sentiment exactly when last week we should have had an opportunity to catch 24 ingredient dinos but could find far fewer green Special Event Supply Drops. I barely managed to get 10 of the specific dino I wanted across 2 towns.

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I have to agree with the OP as well. Im seeing a significant drop in green stops on weeks with good dinos compared to those of garbage weeks. I mean I understand Ludia does need to tweak things as they are first and foremost a business, but I wish they would think of the bigger picture sometimes. I started playing this game (and continue to play) because I love dinosaurs, but this game in particular with all the cash grabs, ignoring of major bugs and issues, lack of communication, and so many greed-induced nerfs has left me with a sour disposition towards this company. I’ll personally never start another game with Ludia’s name attached to it and I think that I’m not alone there and I think that’s where Ludia is missing the larger picture. Sure they may be grabbing a couple extra bucks from me and others, but if they made this a more pleasant experience I would probably be searching other games of theirs to try, rather than avoiding them at all costs in the future.


I’ve also seen a dramatic reduction in the number of green drops this week. On my normal route to work there are an average of 6. Today there was 1 whereas last week there were 7.