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Ludia destroyed it's own game

Let’s face it. JWA is dead. There is no going back now. We have fell into a bottomless pit. You had a chance to set this all right @Ludia_Developers, and instead, you made the game worse. with stat boosts, only the strong will survive. You’re setting limitation s to your own game. Now more people are gonna quit. And you barely even care. all your hard work is down the drain. It’s unplayable now. Face the facts. The game you once loved is dead. And you’re just gonna merge this post without even looking back at your mistakes, aren’t you? I know you all have you’re own live to attend to, but just think about what you have done to your game that had so much potential.


I prefered the “Raptor Reign” era of the game rather than anything after it.

I thought we had decent balance pre SI DSR. Stegod was a bit OPd, but we had bleeders. Even nerfed spawns were managable with weekly specials. But now boosts just excelerated everything. I was okay pre release because I thought it was going to be a slow process of aquiring them.

I did indulge and bought all 3 boosts today because, why not. I had over 8500 bucks and coins don’t seem to be worth much now.