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Ludia did this on purpose I swear

Hurts the soul missing 5k by 1 medal to get a 12 hr incubator :joy:


I had a 200 trophy loss earlier today. First win out of that got ma a 15 minute.

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I remember I got to 4799 was well on way to 5k but then they added boosts =/


Ouch. Had that happen and nothing hurts worse then you have to trudge through it again for a 3 hr

Hopefully you’re still kicking butt!

I found the battles a bit to rage inducing and quit 4 or more months ago lol, I run an Ark server now =)

It’s fun riding dinosaurs xD


A mod i like (if you play PC/ steam) is the Jurassic Park creatures. adds in a variety of Jurassic park dinos including 2 variants of velociraptor, Rexy, and ultimasaurus. The JP dinos are stronger than normal ark ones, but it adds a bit more survival to the game.
Oh and there are wild bosses from Jurassic World The Game that can be tamed


Sounds interesting but I play Xbox One lol

anyone know if there is a long pattern to 12hr or 24hr? I know the others are like 3hr, 15m, 3h, 3hr, 8hr and then repeats

There definitely is. I can no longer find the load out, but i’m pretty sure Gampress did an article on it.

Edit: Found it.

Hmm, so if I run a 5x cycle every day I should get a 24hr about every 6 days

Every 100th battle win is a 24hr incubator. Things that will slow you down is you don’t receive an incubator if all your incubator slots are full and the cycle doesn’t advance if you don’t have a spot for an incubator. So you either have to wait for the incubators to timeout so you can open them or pay Jurassic Bucks to open them early (watching ads helps but you can only reduce the wait time a limited number of times daily). So to get a 24h incubator every 6 days your going to have to do 16/17 incubators daily.

Ya, I did not have a lot of time to read the article at the time. I just looked at the picture. After, reading farther it is more like once every 4 weeks

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Don’t Library and Aviary give the same rewards…?

I’m new to library so not really sure but could be right