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Ludia Do Listen To Us


:point_up_2:t2:This is what i post 2 months ago. Who said ludia not listen… They do listen. Eventhough selectively to our post/comment, im sure they screen first & considering/pick only if it is beneficial.

Continue give them forum post & comment guys. They need our input, feedback & brains, for our JWA game & community.

Enjoy your diplodocus, as season 4 tourney prize​:sauropod::tada:!
Happy battling & happy hunting.

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Thanks very much

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Stegod an Mimus nerf after so many complaints is proof that they listen x)


But just as many or more screaming not to nerf.


But now we can find wild Brachisaurus. Who knows may be in a month we will face diplodocus too


Maybe for Stegod… In Mimus case I saw many more complaining about it… and they were absolutely right! Though it can be argued it was a little too much


Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s how Ludia Do Listen To Us

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They listened to us about the perimeter and stuff escaping a lot sooner then it should.

It took a bit, but I honestly haven’t had even one creature escape since they changed (fixed) it.

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