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Ludia do you have a phobia?

I am asking this because out of the 15 battles that I have done today, not once was Thor in the battle line up. Every other variation of my top 8 was picked. This was also evident when I did 26 battles yesterday not once was Thor put into my battle line up. So I ask you Ludia, are you truly afraid of a digital representation of a dinosaur in a game. Is Thor really so scary that you will not give her a chance with glory in battle? Is this some type of punishment directed towards me that you have to curse me with terrible RNG that always makes sure my opponents get a victory. Also, what is the deal with your arena? It literally takes 15 battles which equates to 14 losses and one victory in order to get an incubator. This has happened many times lately. I really wish this game would go back to the old ways where greed never reared its ugly head to further send the game into a downward spiral.

All boosts on Thor…??


No I have some on Erlidom and Indo Gen 2

Someone mentioned about playing the AI all the time meaning they would have to continually lose to the thing and get no more than 2 take downs at a time so they don’t have to play real players.

So I played my main account yesterday with the idea that if I lost two battles, I would get the AI and I would start to purposely lose to just face the AI to get DBI’s. Once a battle starts, my competitive nature comes out and I lost, won, lost, won, got my DBI and stopped. Maybe tonight, I’ll lose twice, trying to win and then try out the losing on purpose to only battle the AI for DBI take downs.

The hard part is to not get competitive against the AI. I’m not sure I can resist the desire to win.

But here is the thing though. Not once did I face an AI. Even after losing many battles today, I faced regular people. I can tell because they tend to use very cheap and cookie-cutter tactics while battling that I have seen countless times.

Their phobia is not having a rat selected for each battle


Oh there was plenty of rat going around. They got to keep their loveable little hellion in circulation or they will not get paid royalty for it

It’s because you’re in the loserpool. Reduced critchances, weakest dinos of your team only and you get matched only to enemy with like 400 trophy’s more.

Very interesting

Fairy tales are very interesting too. Doesn’t necessarily make it true.