Ludia doesn’t care!


They are all to happy when you spend money, but they don’t won’t to hear how to improve the game to make it fair for all. So many flaws and bugs in this game. There is potential if they would address the issues…I have pending concerns that are just piling up and I am sure some you have your own too…I am not saying to look into mine first, but some are becoming aged and still an issue.


…Who’s Lidia?


I agree that there are bugs and necessary improvements.

However, I disagree with the attitude of expecting them all to be solved right away. I understand that some are aged and have been known for a while but as users of the game must realize, we are all playing a game that cost us nothing unless we choose to buy in game purchases.

The game creators are people too. They deserve the respect and time to make the improvements in a manner that is appropriate for the game to work. I am not a software engineer myself so I don’t know what it entails to program such improvements but I’m not going to assume that they’re super easy otherwise they would have done them already.

The game is still pretty new too. Bugs happen all the time and patches are always released periodically. That’s the same for ALL games. I’ve had Starcraft 2 since 2010 and they still release update patches to this day. Game creators are always improving their product and as long as there is a community of us to discuss it, it keeps it alive and well.

TL;DR : just be patient.


Wasn’t she the protagonist in Beetlejuice?


Perhaps a celebrity chef?


but people do spend money and we spent countless hours darting dinosaurs only to get into the battle arena and have it all go to waste because there are still the same bugs that were present during the soft launch.

that was the entire point of the soft launch. to fix the bugs before worldwide release. they didn’t fix the bugs and they released it anyways. it’s not just “i wish the game did ____”. its attacks/abilities that work incorrectly and cost people wins, trophies, incubators, etc.


Yes you’re right that people do spend money but that is by choice. Nobody forced them.

The time it takes to dart dinosaurs is also by your choice. The bugs are unfortunate but I can understand from a game creators point of view that there are a lot of things we as users don’t see that they’re working on as well.

For example, I play a game called PUBG and it is notorious for bugs and issues. People have complained about it incessantly. They released patches and updates and people still are not happy but I can see improvements slowly happening. Sometimes the optimization of how a game runs is not something you can see right away because it is not a button you press during battle.

When you lose a win/trophy/incubator from battle, it cost you nothing. It’s okay.


No, I think he’s talking about Lidia the tattooed lady… Of course I could be wrong, so don’t quote me on that…


You can learn a lot from Lidia…

Although I’ll have you know I’m the tattoo queen around these parts :relieved:


you know if the store went down, everyone in the company would be working 24/7 until it went back up and it would be up in a matter of minutes.

battle arena bugs don’t cost them money, so they get to it whenever which is why the same bugs are reported for months and all we get is “contact support” and 2 weeks later you’ll get a reply of “we’re working on it. it will be fixed eventually”.

PUBG is a huge open world game. this is tap a button and the game plays an animation. not really comparable.


Good question new Dino?..:smiley:


I agree shouldn’t expect for them to fix ALL right now heck I play a lot of games with bugs, but at least they acknowledge your input…still waiting here I’ll be 30 before I hear from them so it seems…



Yep :+1:…will that’s all I wanted to write but it fixed so I have to fill it 20 or more words so…Yep :+1:


I dont think blaming LUDIA is proper at all in any manner. Have they not tryed to give us all what was asked? But yet ungreatfull your all acting in this post. They didn’t didn’t raise price and every game has hiccups, I had quite a few my self but wow what a fantastic game. We just got a massive update so give them time ,and go back over forum rules, LUDIA cares very much. I’m sure they dont care to be slammed on for the phenomenal game they didn’t charalge you for.


Ah well technically it is there game so yea! They haven’t given me anything special, there game is filled with AD’s wanting you to spend money or go shopping that all seem to work very well better than the game…just saying


VIP I subscribe and I never have ads. But it’s my choice to pay 9.99


LoL I got that from watching the Muppet Show when it was in repeats.


can we be friends and you can pay for ad free game for me too…:heart_eyes:


Yea this is one of the worst Ad filled games I have ever played…seems like they put their best coders on the spend money Ad’s and the second string team on the actual game …:football: